Friday, December 9, 2011

December Love Day 9–Make Yummy Crockpot Swiss Steak ((recipe))

Oh. My. Goodness. It is Friday. Today is my last day of normal classes. I have a 20 page fictional narrative due tonight. The rest I have finished. Then next week it’s finals. I am almost dooooooone. And wouldn’t you know, I’m sick as dog at the moment. What in the heck?
I’ve had the worst cold hit this week and I have to laugh about it. Because really, of course I would be sick for finals. Because nothing is easy. Ever. So I laugh, blow my nose and keep typing! Carry on! I’m so close I can taste it….and flu or not…this Mamma is finishing the semester with a bang.☺
I did post a yummo picture on the EP facebook last night. It was so good I had to share!
This is what we had for dinner last night:
SwissSteak text
I try to be open to different recipes, but sometimes cringe. I don’t like funky food with funky ingredients. I can’t help it. And weird meat recipes really gross me out. But this I had to try. We have never had this before and it was so good!
I thought it would be a great meal for the holidays. Your family will LOVE it!
The PLUS side: the meat is so tender it’s like a roast. And compared to the price of a roast, round steak is about half the cost. WOW! I love making roasts on the weekends but sometimes it seems a little to high for my budget. This we could have all the time. Yay!
It’s such a good comfort food. And I have to tell you something else. I hate bell peppers. Grody. If I eat fajitas, I pick out all the bell peppers and onions. Yeppers. I’m that girl.
But the flavor the bell pepper adds to this dish is just the best! I actually ate and enjoyed the bell peppers!!
I found the original recipe in my “Fix-It and Forget-It: Our Best Slow-Cooker Recipes 2011” cookbook. But changed it up for what I had on hand and wanted to make it with. You can change yours up too. I’ve seen other recipes that use carrots and celery, so based on your taste you can mix your veggies.
After making this, it tastes so good that I would rather have this than a roast. And now that I know what a frugal, delicious meal it can be, we will be having it more frequently in our casa! It could actually be a delicious Christmas meal to change up the traditional holiday menu this year!
Here’s the recipe:
Swiss Steak recipe

Happy Friday!!

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Laura said...

THIS was wonderful. I left out the peppers though...picky kids!!! Thanks for the recipe :0)