Sunday, December 4, 2011

December Love Day 4–My frugal version of Elf on the Shelf

Happy BLESSED Sunday! Hope you all have a wonderful day. We are already four days into December, it’s already going fast. Goodness!


I finally took a few shots of my tree. I started my vintage tree last year with all vintage ornaments bought at the thrift store. I’ve found a few more vintage goodies this year too. It is so fun looking for old goodies rather than new ones. You really have to look but once you start…you can’t stop!

My favorites this year are these big turquoise lovelies I found at the Salvation Army. So pretty!! And they were $0.95 for a bag of six. I also added my little camera paper decos that I had and haven’t found a purpose for. They fit in PERFECT in my front room / photography studio.


I also used feathers and other jazzies for my tree topper this year.




I had chicken noodle soup in a Christmas mug for dinner last night. Quick and easy! Did you eat or drink anything special in your Christmas mugs this weekend?



For today’s Christmas activity I wanted to share an idea with you that will really help for those of you on a strict budget for Christmas. I love the whole Elf on the Shelf concept but spending $30 for a Christmas decoration is entirely not happening for me. And if it’s not realistic for you either, then check it out----here is our own, unique Elf on the Shelf:


I loved the whole concept but thought that as a 2.5 year old…Jaxon would love any kind of elf…and we could find a cheap, cute one and do our own toddler-style version of the fun.

Isn’t he too cute!


Guess how much he cost?


$4.95 clams! Isn’t that frugally FAB! Love it! 


And he is just perfect for a toddler! I plan on hiding him everyday with either a little treat or a craft project for Jaxon. My Mom and I already stocked up on the little goodies to go with him each day and I can’t wait for Jaxon to start his Elf fun this week.


I am not going to set him up in different “scenes” like the traditional Elf, but instead just hide him and let Jax find him that day with his treat or craftie for the day. I think this is a PERFECT toddler version and you could adapt it for your kiddos too. Make it your own new family tradition!

I’m sure there’s an Elf at a store nearby just waiting to come home and be your new family friend! And it won’t cost a fortune!

Have a blessed Sunday!



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