Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Love–Day One

Remember how I told you we are celebrating each thing big and small each day for December? Well can you believe --- it is already December 1st! My goodness!

The first small way we are celebrating around our house is getting out our Christmas mugs. Here are mine from my little collection:


Hot cocoa, coffee and soup are so much more special in a Christmas mug!

My Mom bought us this DEEEEELISH hot cocoa mix. My word…it’s heaven. She even added a bag of mini-marshmallows to make it even more special!


It’s perfect for Christmas.

And look how sweet and cozy it looks in my vintage Santa mug that was $0.95 at the thrift store.


You don’t have to buy new stuff….right now the thrift stores are packed with holiday stuff! Go see what goodies you can find to spruce up your house for the holidays.

I like mugs for soup too. My big ‘ol Christmas mug is PERFECT for soup. Especially potato soup after oral surgery. Aaahhhhh….so soothing.


And thank goodness I have stocked up my freezer with all my frozen crock-pot meals. I had fresh, homemade soup ready to go during my recovery time. It’s the little things. And that was something that made a difference in a bad day…and a great day for me this week!

Did you make your Advent calendars yet? It’s not too late!

We made one! And each day I’ll be sharing what we are doing that day!

I’m also doing the Jesse Tree Advent Calendar from A Holy Experience ( If you sign up for the daily emails --- which I love and use for daily inspiration and guidance – you can get the free advent calendar to use this season. Love it. You will too!

I will show you how simple our calendar is tomorrow and show you some of the things we will be working on to have meaningful holidays around our little casa.

Hugs and love!


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