Monday, July 11, 2011

Our chalkboard wall….

I mentioned my little chalkboard wall awhile back…and it’s taken me a few posts to get to it! Here it is FINALLY!

We totally LOVE IT!


Everyone who comes over…colors and draws something on it!
It brings out the kid in you for sure! F U N!!


Granny bought us a GINORMOUS box of every color of chalk possible. Soooo fun!
For anyone who is curious…yes it makes a mess. Chalk dust is messy. I have to wipe it up frequently. We enjoy it enough…that I don’t mind cleaning it up though. Keep that in mind if you decide to do an entire wall that will be used frequently.

All I did was use the same recipe I used on my other chalkboard…family motto board…found by clicking  HERE.

**** 1 cup of paint + 2T grout *****

I used my sanded grout again which is not what the original recipes called for. Yes it worked. My wall already had quite a bit of texture so it was not going to be a perfectly smooth area to write on anyways.

I used what I had!! You know how I rolllllll. LOL!☺

I do admit…I did freak out a little bit at first. The dust thing made me have a slight lump in my throat. Ha ha ha. It’s aall good in the hood now though.

Jaxon drew is first “real” object on it. Which made my art teacher heart♥ happy…that’s a BIG step! Not just scribbles…

Can you tell what it is??

The circle in the middle….with legs coming out of it.
He said…..
“Mamma….es a SPIIIDUURRRR!!!”

Yep…made my day! Isn’t it the sweetest thing ever!!! I love watching him grow…and moments like that are one’s I would like to remember forever!!!♥


He had an EXCELLENT weekend. His Granny and PawPaw took him to Toys R Us to pick out a HotWheels track….
He can barely eat or sleep…it interferes with his play time. LOL.


We also did a photo shoot of Jaxon’s Aunt, Uncle and cousins this past week. They brought his other sweet pea cousin so we could do a photo shoot of all the grandkids….pretty sweet!!! We love when we get a chance to photograph the people we love! My Aunt gave us the DELISH trunk for a prop…it was PERFECT for these munchkins!!! Aren’t they just TOO STINKIN’ CAAA-UUUUTE!! Can you tell they LOVE each other??☺

104 logo141 logo216v logo


And I must close this post by saying that I’m a GENERIC buying Mamma…but maybe I shouldn’t skimp and buy the cheap popsicles….


I’m just saying…for a few more cents I would like both sticks PLEASE! Ha ha ha ha!!!
Happy MONDAY!!!


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Meredith said...

The wall looks fantastic!!

I painted a door in my house with chalkboard paint about a month ago and we absolutely LOVE it!! It's so much fun and whimsical :)

Haute To Sew

Anonymous said...

I love chalkboard walls...going to get one done around here soon! Love the pictures of the kiddos...too cute! Love your blog!