Monday, June 6, 2011

Sunday drives…

Happy MONDAY!!!
How was your weekend???
Mine started yuck…but ended wonderful!
I had the best day yesterday.
My Best Friend and I started the day with a Trunque of Junque sunrise photo session of a precious newborn.
Then I spent the majority of the afternoon taking a Sunday drive around my area and then on to a town nearby.
Starting here…a famous little area of telephone poles in our county that were once decorated with boots, work caps and gloves. Quirky and almost creeeeeeepy right???
Miss A  and Sunday 551
{{Let me just warn you now…this is a very LONG post with a LOT of PICTURES}}
Miss A  and Sunday 557
Time and weather have taken their toll on a lot of the boots….
Miss A  and Sunday 563
Miss A  and Sunday 564
Miss A  and Sunday 567
The other two poles used to have more items…but they are slowly almost completely gone.
This is what is left on the caps pole…
Miss A  and Sunday 595
And the glove pole….
Miss A  and Sunday 605
I’ve never met anyone who knows the true story of how all the poles were decorated…and who did it. It’s just a weird thing that everyone knows about in our county. It’s a bazaar Texas [[maye even slightly hillbilly]]  thing I guess. LOL.
This abandoned church isn’t too far down the road from the poles and is equally as creepy. We checked out the inside a few years back…very eerie.
Miss A  and Sunday 613
Further down the road we discovered….there is a little bit of water in West Texas!!!
Miss A  and Sunday 617
But we had to crawl through this to go see it…GULP.
Miss A  and Sunday 624
Miss A  and Sunday 627
Miss A  and Sunday 629
Miss A  and Sunday 634Miss A  and Sunday 637Miss A  and Sunday 638
Some spots of the creek were stagnant…stinky…sulfur…pools of yuckness.
Miss A  and Sunday 641
I took this picture of my shadow…just a few seconds before…I slipped and FELL in a HUGE bowl of SULFUR STINKY MUCKY MUD!!! LOVELY!!!! I am SO GRACEFUL!
Miss A  and Sunday 645
After I got up…and regained my dignity…STINKY and all…we hiked back to the car! But look at the opposite side of the creek…DRY AS A BONE. We need serious rain in West Texas right now.
Miss A  and Sunday 648
As dry as it is…there are still the STRONG weeds and little flowers that survive. Like these little pretties.
Miss A  and Sunday 649
A little further down the road…more WATER! This time MUCH more!!!
Miss A  and Sunday 652Miss A  and Sunday 651
And a LOT of SWALLOWS!! At first I couldn’t understand why there were SO MANY!!
Miss A  and Sunday 657
Miss A  and Sunday 661
Miss A  and Sunday 677
A few steps under the bridge and I figured it out pretty quickly. If you look closely right at the top of the picture you can see their entire little MUD NEST city!! There were nests everywhere!
Miss A  and Sunday 667Miss A  and Sunday 669
Miss A  and Sunday 675
Here’s the view under the bridge to the opposite side we were standing.
Miss A  and Sunday 668Miss A  and Sunday 671
Looking at water that murky color…with teeny tiny minnows darting around in it reminded me of being little and going to work with my Dad. My brother and I would go with him to check his leases…and we would have hot dog roasts on the Pecos River. My brother and I spent hours trying to catch those sneaky super FAST minnows! LOL.
Miss A  and Sunday 662
There were even a few more pretty flowers growing in the area….
Miss A  and Sunday 686
Further down the road I spotted this bridge…
Miss A  and Sunday 689 - Copy
You probably can’t really tell that it’s a bridge…but it is. A really long bridge.
Miss A  and Sunday 689
It was made of wood slats and rope and went across an entire canyon area. And it was very hidden. We had to turn around…and drive really slow until we were at the perfect angle to see it again. I want to know the story behind it!!! It was on fenced, private property or else I would have hiked closer for more detailed pictures!!
Miss A  and Sunday 691
Isn’t this mailbox a hoot???
Miss A  and Sunday 693
And I had to get a few pictures of a delicious old building that is actually an old dance hall. Texas dancehalls…are just so yummy.
Miss A  and Sunday 694
How could you not love those chippy, old RED doors!
Miss A  and Sunday 699
Let me say that this is not my hometown. It’s a neighboring town…Big Spring. Which has an amazing, old historic downtown. Most of the shops are sadly vacant…but it’s still a great spot to look for PHOTO session spots. I’m diggin’ the back of this building!!!
Miss A  and Sunday 702
And I found the doors of all doors…that when my BFF/biz partner sees this she will flip. Lorie..yes…here are our DOORS!! Do you see what I see?? It starts with a B!!! LOL!!
Miss A  and Sunday 703
I really wanted to see what was behind those doors…but couldn’t. Here’s the front doors….
Miss A  and Sunday 708
And a few more buildings….
Miss A  and Sunday 710
Miss A  and Sunday 711
I don’t know who would let these awesome signs collect dust in an abandoned building. Ahem…I will take them off of your hands!!! Better yet I will take the entire building for a photo studio and art studio!!
Miss A  and Sunday 712
Love the old tile entry way to this building….Miss A  and Sunday 714
And to me…this is the epitome of business in a small town. This was at the local printing business. LOL.Miss A  and Sunday 715
A lot of the dusty windows were covered in scribbles. I didn’t really look closely to what they said (probably a good thing)…but they were sure dusty!! The dust has blown a lot this SPRING.
Miss A  and Sunday 716
These train cars are a coffee house and I think a restaurant…I’m going to have to return and check it out during business hours!!!
Miss A  and Sunday 718
Miss A  and Sunday 719
There were amazing pretty flowers planted all along the downtown area. I might have a blossom of my own…don’t tell anyone!
Miss A  and Sunday 720Miss A  and Sunday 721
We found more water at the park…and this should be called Turtle Cove.
Miss A  and Sunday 724Miss A  and Sunday 725
See the PaPa turtle sunning at the edge of the cliff….
Miss A  and Sunday 726
We counted over 17 turtles in just that one area…Miss A  and Sunday 727Miss A  and Sunday 728
That duck was awfully brave…he’s evidently never been bitten by turtle before!!!
Miss A  and Sunday 730Miss A  and Sunday 732
More scribbles and graffiti….I bet Ben and Summer aren’t even together anymore…LOL.
Miss A  and Sunday 739
Our final pit stop was at the National Park overlooking the town and area…so PRETTY! And refreshing!!! I love my TEXAS…and WIDE OPEN SPACES….where you can see fore miles…and miles…and miles…Miss A  and Sunday 740Miss A  and Sunday 741Miss A  and Sunday 742Miss A  and Sunday 746
I had the best afternoon…SUNSHINE for me is SOULSHINE.
I needed a few rays and fresh air.
I even got a free SULFUR MUD BATH. How lucky am I to be so CLUMSY! LOL!
Miss A  and Sunday 748

Hope you all have an INSPIRED MONDAY and even more FANTASTIC week!!


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