Thursday, June 30, 2011

Learning makeup tricks…for over 30 skin!!

I have a confession. I totally Googled “how to do makeup for 30 year old skin” – “make up tricks for over 30 skin” and much MORE!!! LOL!  And you all know how random my new ideas are…every week I’m working on new missions! LOL! Lately though…I want to know how to play up my features…how to do 30+ year old makeup and style.

There’s not a TON of information out there….but I found some good stuff that helped a TON!!! Wow a few little changes make a BIG difference!!

The biggest one for me: not putting TONS of powder all over my face. I've LAYRED on the POWDER since I started wearing makeup as a teenager. Lately my skin looks like….just yuck.

Soooo I watched this video for doing foundation…..


Then I watched this for some eye ideas….

Loooooove how it turned out!!

And I used everything I already had….I did NOT buy new makeup. I don’t have dinero for extra splurges like that!! I love how it turned out…it was like having NEW makeup!!

And look at my foundation!!! Yahooooooooooo!

Look at it BEFORE my new tricks!!!
See all that powdery-cakey-not prettiness!!! Blaaah!!!
I’m SOOOOO glad I decided to do a little research!!!


Before I was a Mamma…and a single Mamma at that…buying an entire new set of makeup to feel “pretty” was easy and I never thought twice about it. Now…I have to use what I have….and thank GOD for Youtube.

It was like I had a major makeover…right in my own home!! I highly suggest trying to learn something new…any little new trick make such a difference…and we all deserve to feel PRETTY!!!
I’m totally in LOVE with Kandee’s Youtube series…I hope to watch them all over the holiday weekend!!!

Check out this one too!!

I don’t know about you…but the MEDIA GARBAGE about being YOUNG and PERFECT takes it’s toll on me.

I am who I am. And I am finally just embracing that I can work on being the best I can be…and trying new things to look and feel pretty…but I am worthy just the way I am.

I will never be 25 again…but 32 is pretty RAD. I’m not super model beautiful or perfect…but I’m Jaxon’s Mamma…and I’m a pretty rockin’ Mamma…with every single one of my imperfections!!!

Have a SUPER day!!!


Life Happens said...

Thanks for sharing the videos. Good tips. I just don't have the time to do all that and I have one eyeshadow brush! LOL. You look beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Love this!!!! I am so at that before picture stage right now and hate it! Trying the new techniques today. So glad you posted this!!!!
Thank you!!

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