Friday, May 20, 2011

Rainbow–Tie Die Cupcakes

If you have read Easie Peasie for awhile, you are well aware of the fact that I have wanted to make a rainbow cake!! And I’ve wanted to make one for a looooooong time!! I’ve just never had a reason to! I just love all the yummy colors!!!

Well fabulous peeps….instead of a rainbow cake…I made rainbow CUPCAKES this week! They actually turned out more like TIE-DIE CUPCAKES! Either way…they were SUPER CUTE…SUPER EASY and SUPER YUMMY! Here’s how I made them!!!

R A I N B O W   C U P C A K E S

I used a regular white cake mix, gel food coloring, vanilla icing, M&M’s and rainbow sprinkles.

cupcakes 006

Mix your cake mix according to the box instructions….

cupcakes 009

Separate your cake batter into bowls for each color….and then drizzle gel coloring into each bowl and mix away!

cupcakes 010

They turn out really PRETTY!! Gel food coloring is amazing. It turns out so rich and true to the original color. I wouldn’t use the regular food coloring drops…I’m just sayin’. Lol.

cupcakes 011

I read on one blog that a lady started with one color and then as she added each color would add smaller amounts. I tried that…and it didn’t really work. The colors just blended anyways!
I LOVED how pretty the batter looked! I made an all-out mess on edges of the pan though…a little Jackson Pollack style!!

cupcakes 019

Here are a few pictures as I added the various colors…you can see how it starts to blend.

cupcakes 023
cupcakes 026

I was really curious how they would bake????
This was my first glance…..

cupcakes 033

P R E T T Y!!!!!!
I love how they look!!!!

cupcakes 041
cupcakes 049
cupcakes 050
cupcakes 055
cupcakes 072

They were so cute that I almost didn’t want to frost them!!!
Here they are in all their frosted, delicious GLORY!

cupcakes 2 079

They were entirely too much fun to photograph. Loved them!!!
H A P P Y     C O L O R S!!!

cupcakes 2 083
cupcakes 2 087
cupcakes 2 090

And just for you…I took a few bites to show the inside yumminess!!! LOL!

cupcakes 2 057
cupcakes 2 067

You simply MUST try them soon! You cannot help but smile when you see how PRETTY they are!
I’m thinking about concocting some homemade chalkboard paint this weekend…..oh the possibilities! YAY!

Hope you all have a MARVELOUS and BLESSED weekend!!!



Life Happens said...

Looks beautiful and yummy!! I will have to try it with my niece. She will love all the colors.

Holly C. said...

These are awesome! I want to make these sometime.

Anonymous said...

i have done these and i used the ordinary food colouring and they turned out fine.i have the neon colours and the basic ones and neon ones kept their brightness ) they were great,you just have to remember a little goes a long way (cause you don't to water down the cake mix with the food colour)

Anonymous said...

These are so cute!!! I'm going to make these for my tie'die birthday party!!!