Monday, April 4, 2011


Happy Monday every-buggy! LOL…if you watch NickJr you know where that comes from!☺ I don’t’ have a choice in the mattter…there’s a 2-year-old in my house who controls the television. LOL.

I wanted to share a pretty BIG event that happened for me over the weekend. It involves a little sadness…but in order to explain the entire thing…the sadness is a major factor in the entire story.

I try not to talk about the yuck-ness that happens in daily life…because no one truly wants to hear how bad your days are…or what not.

And this isn’t that post…I promise!

If you have kept up with Easie Peasie since the beginning of the year you know that I lost a very dear friend in February. I have never lost anyone close to me and it was something I was not expecting to go through…nor did I want to.

After that experience…life and death…have new meanings for me.

Our life is right now…today…this moment.

To connect it all…my dear friend who died in February was Erin…cousin to my best friend Lorie.
And when you grow up in a small town…best friends…and cousins…become sisters. We have many memories growing up together.

All of us for Lorie’s wedding….me, Lorie & Erin….
Her family…is my family. I’m so lucky and blessed for every thing they have done for me…my entire life.

Erin was at every major event in my life. Including my wedding…and divorce. Erin was always there…even when Jaxon was born.

We were the last two in our group to have kids…and that day in the hospital we joked about how crappy contractions were!! I remember telling her… Erin…don’t do it!

Ha ha ha!☺

She was our “little sister” and that was our nickname for her….
And our little sister might be physically gone…but she is with us daily…and she always lets us know!


Soooooo….to begin….here’s the beginning of Ladybugs♥….

[These notes are from Erin’s Facebook tribute page that Lorie created so that everyone who loved Erin can write about her life…so that when her son Wheeler grows up…he will have memories to cherish about his sweet Mamma]

The story of the LADYBUG... Miss you a lot today my sweet Ladybug Erin... (by Lorie Dillard Simpson)

**I haven't written in a while and will try to make up for it soon!! Life has been hectic... This is just a sweet little story I want to share with you Wheeler... Hoping that you will get some comfort someday when you are old enough to read it... Love you!!
We were on a photo-shoot a few weekends ago with Erin’s step niece (Melody’s grand-daughter Bryliegh).  The day was exactly one month from the day of the accident.  Our shoot was scheduled for 5:30pm, about the same time of day the accident occurred.  My heart had already been very heavy that entire day.

Earlier in the day I bought this ladybug pin-wheel, to put out at Erin’s grave {which I finally put there this evening}.  The ladybug reminded me of when we were little girls, we would play outside a lot.  At her house in town, there was this tree in the backyard that one spring was COVERED in ladybugs.  We caught them by the handfuls.  It was something I had never seen before, and have never seen since.  The trunk of this tree was so covered in ladybugs you could not see the tree bark.  I cannot describe it, but as a little girl it was so neat, because what little girl doesn’t love ladybugs.  Our Papaw has always had nicknames for us.  Erin was Little Lover, or little bug.  I am Lover or Lovebug, which all remind me of ladybug.

So back to the day of the photo-shoot… I was getting some props out of the back of Large Marge (Tiffany’s vehicle) and I look down on my pants and there I see a sweet little reminder from God and Erin, this ladybug crawling on my pants.  I will forever cherish that sweet moment and forevermore when I see a ladybug, be reminded that Erin is not far away. {I got the ladybug off my pants and Tiffany snapped this sweet shot, before she flew away...}
Wheeler, I hope when you see ladybugs throughout your life, you will be reminded of God’s promises and your beautiful mommy…


The Story of the Ladybug part 2... (by Lorie Dillard Simpson)

Did a photo shoot tonite &  I have to share the significance of these photos.. This shoot was of my children Devan & Mya, my nephew Braxton, my cousin Erin's little boy Wheeler, & my best friend Tiffany's little boy Jaxon joined us at the end. As you all know, we lost my cousin Erin in a tragic accident February 5th. This bluebonnet patch is right across the street from the house that Erin grew up in... These bluebonnets are there every year and have been since we were kids. So being able to take Wheeler's pictures in the same bluebonnets that Erin got to see and take pictures in growing up was priceless and emotional in itself... as soon as we walked up to the bluebonnet patch, I looked down and saw this ladybug.. We tried snapping a few pictures of her on the bluebonnet plants, then she flew off. Well in to the shoot, we were finishing up and the 'same' ladybug was between Wheeler's feet, I picked her up to show him and she started crawling up his arm... that's how we got the sweet shots of him looking at the ladybug. Then she disappeared... Then, after we were done Charolette (Wheeler's Grammie) was holding him and we were standing around talking and noticed her on his head!! UNBELIEVABLE!! We all CRIED!! It was a BITTERSWEET moment, and again an AMAZING reminder that Erin is with each of us DAILY...
Erin's little boy Wheeler... and ladybug..
Wheeler & Grammie at end of shoot, then we noticed who was still on Wheeler (look closely)

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…because of our sweet ladybugs…we wanted to do a memorial “something” for Erin. Literally…at every photo shoot…we see ladybugs….here is another one we captured while doing a photo shoot of Jax.
ladybug @ Jax shoot
Lorie came up with a great idea….memorial tattoos…of ladybugs…something that would be apart of us forever…to remember Erin…every single day.

So we thought about it for about 2 weeks…
and finally…. took a DEEP BREATH…and we DID IT!

I am 32…and never had a tattoo…OMG. I thought well…I’ve given birth…can it be worse than that??
Yessirrrr…it hurts!
Well the top of your foot does. Wow.
My foot before…LOL.
ladybugs 006
The trace thingy….gulp.
ladybugs 010
ladybugs 017
ladybugs 019
And the finished PRODUCT!!!
ladybugs 026
Holy crackers…those little dots were the worst part. The shading was a piece of CAKE!!!
ladybugs 020
I am totally IN LOVE with it.

I never thought I would like a tattoo…because I never thought I could be committed to ONE image…on my body…forever. Someone once told me it has to mean something to youI get that now.

I love this lady bug.

I love that Lorie and I both have this…and we did it together…and we have Erin with us…forever.

Here’s Lorie during…..
ladybugs 040
ladybugs 039
ladybugs 043
And here they are TOGETHER!
ladybugs 045
We celebrated with Mexican food and margaritas!
ladybugs 050
They were SO WORTH IT.
We can’t stop looking at them…and we can’t stop smiling!

Have a super week! Count your blessings…GOD is so GOOD.
Be grateful for another day.
Hug your babies…and everyone you love…you never know when you may not have another chance!
Look for LADYBUGS!♥


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Amazing, really enjoyed this story.

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Thanks for sharing... It's always good to have a reminder about how fragile life can be!

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