Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Helloooo–and recycled artwork goodies!

Hi lovelies! I’ve been out for a little while but I’m back! Well sort of! I’m going to continue a small break with blogging…but really I’m re-tweaking things change things up a bit. I may also do a few re-posts of past posts to tie over the time. I would like to keep taking a mini-virtual-vacation this month! I have tons of work (work that pays the bills) to catch up on!
I do have a CAAUTE crafty to show you! I made a FAB recycled artwork for my entryway/office. It’s wonderful! And the beginning of a lot of recycled artwork stuff I want to start sharing with you guys!!
Remember my wall that I painted a couple of weeks ago?
Well I used this old junker piece of metal I found at the farm….
Dillan 003
And some $0.59 clearance yellow paint….
Dillan 030
Dillan 029
to make this….
Dillan 022
Pretty sweet!!!
Dillan 028
And here it is mounted on the wall!
Dillan 016
a d o r e  it!!! It’s really BIG! It doesn’t look as big in the pictures as it does in person. I just love it!
I’ve done some more crafties I want to share too…sometime in the next few weeks!
My best friend and I had a crafty-girls-day a few weekends ago and we REVAMPED this chair to use in our photo shoots. It turned out FABULOUS!

Can’t wait to show you the BEFORE and AFTER!

Have a SUPER week!

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teffanie said...

f a b u l o u s!

Unknown said...

This is AWESOME...please come link it up to MMM...I want to feature this next week!

AttemptingAloha said...

Visiting from CRAFT. BEAUTIFUL JOB! I love it! What a statement to add to a room! How did you mount it?


Daisey said...

oh i LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!