Friday, February 11, 2011

When arts & crafts can be healing…

Many of you responded to my post earlier this week about our great loss and I am so very grateful for your love and prayers.

This week has left me feeling like I have been in the Twilight Zone.

Today is the first day I feel like I know what time it is…and what day it is.

As the week ends, we have all been trying to get back to our normal routines and catching up on missed work. Those most affected by the situation are the little ones who missed school.

My best friend’s son, Devan, missed three days this week. Erin was his cousin…but acted as an Aunt to Devan and loved him so much. She was his biggest supporter in everything he did. Here she is taking him for a ride on one of her horses….



Aren’t they adorable?

Erin loved Devan so much…she always told him he got his good looks from her.

In the time of her death and funeral this week, we all knew that we as adults would be able to find a way to cope with the loss…but Devan needed extra love…and extra attention.

As a result, we are having extra homework time each day for the rest of this week to catch up on work…but also so he and I can talk about Erin if he needs to.

On the evening of her funeral he came over and we worked on homework. I also incorporated a little bit of art/craft time with his lesson. You know Aunt Tiff will have art in the lesson for sure!☺

When we were finished he asked me if he could make something for Erin.

Of course. How many times has art or crafts….helped heal the heart for those hurting. I hadn’t event thought about that or even planned that.

Devan loves to craft. He loves to come to my house because he knows he can get out the art and craft stuff and “play.” It had worked out perfectly for him to be here that night….

So he began cutting construction paper….

Phone pics 390

He told me he wanted to make her a sign that said “I love you.”

To take to her at the cemetary…so she would know he would love her forever.

His Mamma texted me and asked if he was ready…and I asked her for a little extra time because he was working on a special project for Erin.

About 45 minutes later…he had finished…and it was perfect.

Phone pics 392

Crafts….and art of any kind are truly therapeutic for the soul and heart. They can help bridge the hurt…to healing.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and precious thoughts. We love you all…and will keep crafting and making our art…to get through this week…and through all the challenges of the following weeks.

Life is always a different challenge…

but with God by our side….

and with a little dab of arts and crafts…

I think we can work through it all…

to overcome.



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Luv itbeautiful in own way like teffanie said f a b u l o u s !