Monday, January 24, 2011

Mamma Mondays: Dry Erase Organization Board

This weekend I finished a groovy little project to help me organize my day, week, month and so on. Since I’m the head Mamma and honcho around here there’s a lot of things I need to keep up with…even if I don’t want to. Such as changing air filters and all that other manly stuff that must be done somehow.
The problem is…between everything in single Mamma land…toddler tantrums…bills to pay…laundry to wash…I forget things.
Don’t we all??? Soooo to combat that issue I created my own little handy-dandy dry-erase-remember-everything board!
Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet! Flylady would be SO PROUD! LOL!
01-24-2011b 006
The concept was not anything I magically came up with…I’ve seen a lot of SMART LADIES do similar projects. I just made mine…with a few of my own ideas.
I first created…and then printed out these little doodahs
01-24-2011 012

Then I used an 11x14 frame from the Dollar Tree….added a little scrap of fabric for a background…and taped my forms down like this….
01-24-2011 014

Ta-daaaaah! Fabulosity!!!! I love it and it’s perfect to help this Mamma keep track of the most important things!
01-24-2011 018
Things you could keep track of :
♥doctor appointments
♥car maintenance
♥church events
♥household duties such as changing air filters or checking smoke & carbon monoxide detectors.
♥pet care information
01-24-2011b 002
For now I have my handy-dandy board on my incoming mail/errands desk by my front door. I haven’t found the perfect wall space for it…and right here I can still see it daily to remind me of my tasks to do!
01-24-2011b 022
Here’s a few close-ups:
01-24-2011b 005
01-24-2011b 004
01-24-2011b 009
And a small confession…I have a {slight} obsession with dry-erase boards in my home.
I used an old window a few months ago for a board in my kitchen. Each week I write my weekly meal plan on it…as
a reminder/schedule for the week.
01-24-2011b 034
01-24-2011b 031
Basically if it has glass such as a picture frame…or an old window….you can use it for a dry erase board! And they come in VERY handy if you want to stay ORGANIZED!
I made my {daily*weekly*monthly* quarterly*annually} printouts available if you would like to make your own ORGANIZATION board!

Click the following lists to view the printables individually!

Send me a PIC if you use them and make your own! I’d love to see your FABULOUS LOVELIES!♥
Have a SUPER Monday!


Medifast Coupons said...

Hey great idea! I am lost without my lists, but they do get a bit silly and end up all over. Thanks for a great idea!!!

Unknown said...

I need this! I really, really need this!!! What a wonderful idea. You should see what I'm doing, I'm taping my lists to the wall in front of my desk. eeek! how horrible is that? haha!

I love your work area, it just gets prettier and prettier.

Serena said...

I am so happy and excited that I have found your site! You have amazing DIY projects and I was in definite need for this one! Can't wait to peek the rest of your site! Take care and God Bless!

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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