Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday DIY: Affirmations & my obsession with chicken wire….and a NEW printable

This week has been a monumental week.
First of all it REALLY DID SNOW here yesterday. SHORT & SWEET…but it really happened!
snowing 020
one of my dearest writer friends & and I have been very FOCUSED
on being STELLAR
as well as…..
being successful…
and OWNING our talents.
That probably sounds like crazy talk but between us it’s a HUGE thing!
I must say that the power of affirmations about your life…can cause DRASTIC powerful energy shifts.  I printed out affirmations and put them everywhere in my home.
When I work out on my treadmill I do air-punches and repeat my affirmations over…and over. LOL!
I could do an ENTIRE post on how many AWESOME thing changed and occurred just this first week.Whew.
Believing in yourself…really is powerful peeps.
One physical thing my  affirmations triggered for me was to CREATE my office area. I have a desk where I work from daily but it wasn’t fabulous or inspiring. And it hadn’t been for a LONG time.
As I kept doing my “I am a Writer and an Editor” affirmations…I started shifting my desk area around. Suddenly it started looking “for reals.” LOL. A real office. A real writer home office. DUH. How long have I worked from home as a writer and an editor and I just now get this? I’ve tried a little before…but never followed through completely.
Sooooooooooo as I created my office space…..I also made a CUTE decoration for my new area. {You knew I had to didn’t you???}
I have shown previous projects of CHICKENWIRE stapled to empty picture frames. This time I went BIG with the ♥chickenwire!
Sunday 162
Oh yes I did.
I stapled a LARGE piece to my wall.
Like a BIG MAMMA memo board!
Sunday 166
Seeeeeeeee! Love it! I have BIGGER plans for a WHOLE WALL piece…but this was all I had on hand.
Sunday 171
It’s a great place for pictures, work reminders, design ideas, Jaxon art work and bill reminders. Sunday 165
I nailed two yard sticks and two strips of ribbon around the wire to sorta-kinda frame it out. It’s not at all perfect…but that’s PERFECTLY ok with me!
Sunday 169
To attach papers/photos I used large and mini-sized clothes pins as well as simple, small binder clips. All items I already had!
Items used:     ♥Chicken wire scraps
♥2 yard sticks
♥2 strips of ribbon
♥Staple Gun
♥Hammer & nails

Price for this project: $0.00 – I had everything on hand!
Lesson learned – Look around and use what you have to create NEW places and areas within your home!


Affirmations do WORK!
I. am. a. writer.
I. am. an. editor.
I. am. a. designer.
I am. a. photographer.
I. am. awesome.
I am. successful.

What are your affirmations? What do you believe about yourself?
Take a minute to create your own. We are ALL awesome in some fashion. What talent do you need to own? Just see what MOUNTAINS you can MOVE with a week of affirmations. I dare you.
Make it a HABIT to OWN your TALENT.
As a SUPER DUPER Friday extra….I found a quote this week that goes along with BELIEVING…and DOING…and making a HABIT of excellence and strength of character.
Here it is:

Make an affirmation.
Create your HABIT
of owning your strengths.

Download your own copy of HABIT print by clicking HERE.

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Happy Merry FRIDAY !!!

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Valerie @ Inner Child Fun said...

Hi Tiffany,

Saw your comment on my blog earlier this week and thought I would pop over here to say hello. :-) Would love to see you over at FFFB again soon!

I'm re-doing my craft room, and love the chicken wire idea -- very cute!

Don't ever underestimate the power of positive thinking!! xoxo


affectioknit said...

I love your chicken wire bulletin board! and the Aristotle quote - Love Aristotle!

teffanie said...

You are... You are... You are fabulous!

annies home said...

awesome look I love chicken wire it seems to set a country theme

Laurie at Turner Farm said...

Love your bulletin board and your office area looks great. Great story of the power of affirmations ~
Stopping by from FJI-SNS

Clinton Harvin said...

Yep, affirmations can really drive our enthusiasm and creativity, huh? Good thing you were able to re-organize your office space. I like that wall piece idea of yours. Reminds me of what my girlfriend wants for her office in Reston, VA. She said she wants an "inspiration wall" or something. I'll be the one to fix that for her as I've promised I'll help her. LOL. So I guess my latest affirmation now is, I'm such a. good. boyfriend. HAHA! Thanks, Tiffany!