Sunday, October 10, 2010

{Sticker Love}

Happy weekend everyone!! I just wanted to share a few pics of my munchkin and his sticker fun! I bought him a notebook, scented markers and stickers at the {Dollar Tree} last week and he is SMITTEN!
He LOVES stickers. In fact, it’s probably the ONLY time during the day that he will SIT STILL! I bought them to make an activity pack to take with us when we run errands, go out to eat…you know just in case when he has and outbreak of ANTS IN HIS PANTS in public!!
Turns out he loves them at home too! We had to make an at-home sticker pack!!
10-09-2010 015
10-09-2010 013
I just {love} when I can see the little wheels in his mind turning…he’s 100% focused. Love it.
10-09-2010 007
And because he sees his Mamma working on crafts and artwork at the {craft table} he thinks that HE MUST sit there also! It’s really funny.
10-09-2010 016
10-09-2010 023
And as with anything….stickers show up in all kinds of places!! He wore this one for quite awhile until he remembered it was up there!!
10-09-2010 027
And I just had to share this one too…sometimes he eats his crayons and markers. Lord help me…I try to monitor this..but he’s sneaky little stinker-pot!10-09-2010 006
Hysterical right!! Oh how I love this little boy!!! Rainbow poopies and all!!!
We are off to the pumpkin patch today to take pictures with Jax’s cousins! I am SUPER excited…it’s going to be a BLAST! Last year Jax could barely sit up by himself…I’m sure I’ll be chasing him today…and I really {crossing my fingers} hope he doesn’t chunk any pumpkins or damage anything! Well…not too bad anyways!!! Boys!!!
((HUGS)) and happy weekend!

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