Monday, October 11, 2010

Halloween Banner

Soooo….as promised here are better pictures of my little Halloween banner!!!
Pumpkin Patch 10-10-10 681
It was super-duper easy!
To make one for yourself you will need:
-Scrapbook paper (or any paper will do!)
-Hole punch & scissors

I started by printing letters out to spell “Happy Halloween.”
10-01-2010 008
Then I looked around my house for something that had a LARGER circle shape for the background paper. I found this little doo-dah.
10-01-2010 011
I took the lid and traced larger circles on my paper.
10-01-2010 013
Remember my brown paper bag recycling?? Here it is again! It’s perfect for brown craft paper!
 10-01-2010 015
I then glued the letter circles with the larger circles. Once they were dry, I used a hole-punch to make to holes at the top of the letter circle. Like this!
10-01-2010 021
I pulled out my handy-dandy twine to string the letters. I made two separate banners….one for “Happy” and another for “Halloween.”
I seriously love this! And even better…it was free! You could use anything you have around the house to make yours!!
Pumpkin Patch 10-10-10 684
Pumpkin Patch 10-10-10 689
Hope everyone had a MARVELOUS weekend!!