Monday, June 14, 2010

Old Sorehead Trades Days~

One of the benefits of living in this dusty, windy and dry little West Texas town is the eventful craft fair and extravaganza that is held three times throughout the year known as “Old Sorehead Trades Days.” You will see this billboard if you happen by I-20 ….
** Yes people the rumors are true….in Texas we are ALL ABOUT our football. 1997 State Champions by-golly…and don’t forget it!! Ha ha!!
This is the first time we were able to go check out the events downtown since Jaxon was born. Last year he was a newborn and we just weren’t in the mood to go “junking.”  Imagine that. This time though he was older, we had the hang of this “parenting” thing and we had a wagon!!
Phone pics 06-13-2010 110
There are many…many…many booths. Left, right, up, down, west,east, north and south. In buildings, down streets and under covered pavilions. Booths…every where.
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You can find toys, bows, tu-tus, shower heads, knives, fishing rods, lamps, jacuzzis, pets, popcorn and just about anything you can imagine. This year I saw a booth with Egyptian cotton 1200-count sheets – fancy shmancy!
This is one of my all time favorite booths…this girl has MAD SKILLS! Every year she has new ideas and I can’t get enough! I just wish it matched my decor at home!
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Eathan and I have been waiting to scope this joint out. We take Jaxon walking by this building in the evenings and saw a few objects in the windows and knew it would be GROOVY!
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There were tons of dusty-treasures!
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Phone pics 06-13-2010 124
Jax was such a trooper. And quite the little socializer….
Phone pics 06-13-2010 136
Most of the time he kicked back and took in the scenery….gosh I love those little piggies!
Phone pics 06-13-2010 129
I thought this booth had some great chippy-paint items and a lot of cute vintage junk. I loved the red chairs…but $25 a piece was a tad high for my junkin'-budget.
Phone pics 06-13-2010 138
These signs were ok…for some reason oil field signs are all the rage in Texas…and this man (bless-his-cotton-socks) was crazy-proud of them too! He wanted a WHOPPING $125 for them. Now for realzzzz…for an oil field sign???? We all have our individual tastes I guess. If you have relatives who work in the oil field (and who doesn’t in West Texas???) then you might be lucky enough to score them for F.R.E.E. Although a few of his collections had bullet holes…but you could add those too if you wanted! Te-he!Phone pics 06-13-2010 139
Now these ladies had some FABULOSO-NEATO ideas. Seriously…in all my craft fair-junking-booth-browsin’ days…I have never seen anything quite like these….
Phone pics 06-13-2010 140
They are little rock creatures! Caterpillars, turtles, ants etc. My MIL bought this little guy for her yard….too cute and funny!
Phone pics 06-13-2010 157
I guess I was in a chair mood…I took a lot of chair pics for some reason….
Phone pics 06-13-2010 141
Phone pics 06-13-2010 142
And of course with all the crafty-junkin’ goodness of an event like this…is the F.O.O.D. There go my boys…down the greasy, sugary, crunchy, sweet trail of fair food! I have friends who look forward to eating all three daily meals from these booths…ha ha ha…another perk of having a local fair in your hometown.
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I thought the lemonade stand was a trip and the name of this wagon…The Holy Grille…lol. Too funny!
Phone pics 06-13-2010 146
I’ve been planning to get one of these DADBURN Sarsaparilla drinks and I keep forgetting! You even get a nifty tin mug! Sheeesh. Maybe next time!!!
This is where we finally decided to get some grub…and oh my gravy can these fellas cook some BBQ! Melt in your mouth BBQ sandwiches!
Phone pics 06-13-2010 147
And there’s fun activities for kids too!
Rock climbing, bouncy-jumpy things, Thomas the Train rides and pony rides. Jaxon is too little for a while for any of those but he got a kick out of watching the “big” kids play.
Phone pics 06-13-2010 150
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The funny thing about having pictures of my son at “Trades Days” is that I have pictures of myself and my BFF in high school (freshman year) dolled up and ready to check out the booths. Little did I know that some 15 years later I would be back in this teeny town with my little family and on these same streets with this little love bug. Craziness.
So anywho…after a few hours of browsing or “fingering-the-beads” as my granny used to say…I only ended up buying these….
One Coca-Cola crate/box: $5.00
Phone pics 06-13-2010 166
Phone pics 06-13-2010 167
I think the inside is very neato:
Phone pics 06-13-2010 168
Four canisters: $3.00 each
Phone pics 06-13-2010 170
Phone pics 06-13-2010 171
The HUBS surprised me with this cute bag too!
Phone pics 06-13-2010 164
Awww I forgot he could be sweet every-once-in-awhile! We also bought a little airplane push-toy thing but Taz a.k.a. Jaxon played with it no longer than five minutes and had broke the handle and propellers off. It was no longer “safe” or fun so we chunked it.
How was your weekend? Any cool junking finds?
I’ve got some really cutie-patootie projects up my sleeve to reveal this week! And I’ve got some big one’s I’m working on as well..including painting my office desk white. Oh my!!!


Crystal said...

I stopped over from the Blog hop, and I love your blog!! I live in Texas also, and go to 1st Monday Trade Days in Bowie. Thank you for the information, I will have to look for the next one down there and check it out!

Erin @ Crafts and Sutch said...

I'm a Texas gal too and absolutely love our rummage sales...Canton, Round Top, etc. :)

Stopping by from Tuesday Tag Along! :) I'm a new follower, and would love for you to stop by to take a peek at what I've been up to.

Have a terrific Tuesday!
Erin :)