Friday, September 14, 2012

Bento lunch…my style

You already know I adore Bento-style lunches. And that I’m always looking for lunch inspiration for Jaxon these days. At his Montessori school he has to bring his own lunch…but it must be sugar and peanut free foods.
Here are a few lunches from I made him last week….



And no he doesn’t have strawberries every day…lol. I do try to rotate between his favorite fruits. I just happened to only take strawberry pictures!!
He will not eat vegetables. An occasional nibble of a carrot…does that count? And I put baby carrots in his lunch but…they always make it back home…untouched.
We do not have the actual Bento boxes for lunch…but I’d say we are doing a great job of making do with what we have.
And so far…he’s eating pretty good. He doesn’t eat it all…but he’s three. And at two…he barely ate anything I felt like…so this is monumental LOL!
If you have any lunch ideas for toddlers…that are peanut and sugar free I’d love to hear them!! I’m always up for new food ideas for my Jax!!
Happy Friday!!

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imroze said...

Yum Tiffany! My little one is only 10 months, but it is hard to come up with finger foods that are sugar (and in my case salt) free. I make him these little wraps from buckwheat flour, arrowroot, vegetable juice (any vegetable, but i've made them from carrot, zucchini or beetroot), and i add some herbs because i don't use salt, then cook them up like little pancakes. They are meant to be for adults to use as a gluten free alternative to wrap beads, but they are yummo, and my little boy chomps them down. Also, i don't cook them in oil, and they come up perfect. The original recipe is here:

she has some great ideas, and though they're for adults, you can change them for kiddies. my friend also uses this reccipe as a base for banana muffins (she adds plain flour, bananas something something. sorry, i'm crap at making muffins).