Monday, August 13, 2012

Montessori + Bento….

Happy beginning of the week!

Is it just me, or is it absolutely crazy that it is already the middle of August? Gulp! Summer is quickly fading away. And I’m slightly happy yet a tad sad.

We have big changes around the corner in our home with the upcoming Fall and school year.

Jaxon is attending Montessori school this year. Yep. *tear* My big boy is starting school this year. He’s only 3 1/2 but starting in the primary classroom at our local Montessori school. I am so ecstatic. One of the major  benefits of our move this summer was that he would be able to attend Montessori. It’s literally just a few blocks away. I am one very HAPPY Mamma. I cannot wait to see how much he will blossom with this change. At the same time it is a tad hard. He has been my sidekick for the last almost 4 years. This is a new chapter in our life. It will be great though! We are so BLESSED to have such a great opportunity. I’ve researched and dreamed about Jaxon being in Montessori since he was born.

Since my big boy will be in school now, I get to finally make him Bento lunches. I have been saving Bento ideas since he was born. I’m so not kidding. I have all the little cutters and cute accessories all stored up. Pretty funny right?

Just look at how cute they are:

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I really want to try these out. Jaxon isn’t a big boiled egg eater, but I am. Lol. They are just too stinkin’ cute!! Maybe if they were shaped he might try them. He loves scrambled eggs…I’ll have to test them and see.

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I will definitely be sharing our Bento lunch adventure as well as all our Montessori experiences.

**Click the link under each image to learn more about each resource.**

Hope your week has started of great!




affectioknit said...

Scout's first preschool was also a Montessori school...sadly we didn't have any Bento boxes back then...

~Have a lovely day!

Life Happens said...

I've never heard of bento boxes. How cute! Makes lunch fun!