Monday, June 11, 2012

Marketing Monday

Happy Monday everyone!

Doesn’t Marketing Monday sound great? It has a ring to it! I think we will designate the remaining Mondays of this Summer for all things marketing for small businesses. And right now is the perfect time to start this series! I’ve just relocated my entire life and business to a new town and will be hitting the marketing road hard in the next few weeks to get my name out in the community. If you have any suggestions…I’m all ears! Let me know what has worked for you!

If you don’t use Facebook for marketing, you need to login and get over there now. It is a key marketing tool to not only share and promote your work, but to also interact with your clients.


And…I just found out that like scheduling a blog post…you can schedule a Facebook post. REALLY! How marvelous! There are times I just don’t have to Facebook, blog, tweet and everything else in social networking. I honestly have my Facebook to automatically update as tweets, because I can’t manage both. LOL! And if school is crazy,  or if life is crazy busy pants, then I blog ahead of time. It helps add a few more minutes of work time for me, Jax time or even school time.

And now…I can pre-post Facebook posts.  I’m sooooo excited!

Want to see how? Click HERE!

I don’t know about you…but this just changed everything for me! I have four FB pages. Insane right? I have my personal page, my photography co. page, my blog page and now my art studio page. This will be life changing for me! If there’s a way to merge pages yet reach specific audiences..then I’ll pass out! LOL! Until then…pre-posting sounds pretty stinkin’ fantastic!

I can’t wait! Let me know if you try it too!



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