Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Marketing Monday!

Hope you all had a WONDERFUL weekend! I sure did! It flew by…and now here we are rockin’ Monday. Goodness!

Jax had these too-cute star candies that I thought were picture-perfect. The colors make me HAPPY! =)


I’m so craving a free moment to do something crafty. But, alas, I’m about 4-feet under a pile of work, homework and unpacking to do. Maybe in a few months? LOL!


Since we have been using Monday’s of the summer to talk about marketing for your company, I thought I would share this idea I found on Pinterest.

I seriously LOOOOOVE it!

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DUCT TAPE + WATER BOTTLES = custom water bottles for your clients!!

My clients and myself included, always get a tad thirsty during photo sessions. I always have bottled water ready for everyone, but wanted to make labels with my logo. This would be CUTE enough!! I have deco duct tape too! Quick, cute, custom refreshment for your customers!

Supah cute and frugal!! =)

I’m so trying this soon!


Happy Monday lovelies!



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