Thursday, April 5, 2012

Helloooooooo! All the way from ALPINE, TEXAS!

Okay so I know I get the SUPER BAD blogger award this past week. But in my defense I have been working my hine-oooooskie off for a graduate research symposium for school.

Remember my Thoreau project I told you guys about last Fall? Well, I was picked to do a presentation of it for the 2012 Graduate Research Showcase this week at Sul Ross. It was such a HUGE HONOR and I loved every second of it. But, it was a lot of work and ANXIETY getting ready for it. To date, that is the largest group of non-students that I have ever spoken in front of. AAAAAH! =) I thought I might pass out...or throw up! I survived though! And it was FANTASTIC to say I conquered it! Yay!

So as you can see...I am here this favorite place. Alpine, Texas! ((and I don't have class. Yay!! That will be next week! LOL!))

I'm exploring and checking out all the goodies for you....


And I want one of these!! I don't have a clue what it is...but I LOVE it!

Love this!! I want a BIG SIGN made of this!

And is it too early to ask Santa for one of these for my yard??

As you can see I'm having a large time in one my favorite places! I am actually working on a blog post for the Texas Tourism Board of this I get to show you all my favorite spots...and what makes this such a MARVELOUS place to visit! How exciting!!!

Hope you all are having a SUPER week! I've got to skeh-daddle. I have a newborn shoot this evening...and they are bringing a saddle and boots for props. You guys know I'm in HEAVEN!!!!


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