Friday, February 3, 2012

Wooohooo! I’m in Alpine for the weekend!!

So I took a little road trip today.
My highway soundtrack….
018 copy
plus some Kelly Clarkson, Rolling Stones and Neil Diamond. I made mixed CD’s for my trip…and my brother being the super-technological one thinks that is hilarious. I told him it could be worse….I could have made MIXED TAPES! Remember those??? Oh what fun!!!

It was my first time to make the 3 hour drive by myself. It was AH-mazing. I am so glad to be at a point in my journey where I’m not afraid to take off and go somewhere alone. The road is pretty good for thinking too.
Thinking about how blessed I am for the chance to drive 3 hours to work on my Master’s degree. To be able to go to such a beautiful place for class. For being alive. For everything.

Wide open Texas spaces.

Most of the miles I had the window rolled down…singing JERRY MAGUIRE style. It was awesome.
Road trips are good for the soul. Road trips to the mountains…are fantastic for the soul.
It’s a little bit bittersweet. This weekend will mark one year since we lost our Erin. It seems like yesterday. Every time I’m in Alpine I hear her voice. She would have been so proud that I was working on my Masters. She always asked me all about Alpine and wanted to go with me to visit sometime.

I’ll probably go to a mountain or remote area tomorrow after class to watch the sunset and talk to her a little bit.

I haven’t treasured every day since losing her (like I promised I would do), I can do a much better job, but I’ve changed so many things.

In my most stressful moments I always come back to thought…I’m still alive. I’ve got this moment…to cherish. It’s a work in progress.

After facing death like that, most things aren’t as scary as they seem. Like driving 3 hours away from everything that is safe and comfortable.

It’s a blessing to LIVE and to make another memory. To kiss my Jaxon one more time. To smell his sweet hair. To hear his voice.

To be blessed with another day.

Hope you all are having a WONDERFUL weekend.
Make it memorable!!! =)

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affectioknit said...

Have a great weekend...and Peace be with you as you cherish your friend...