Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My new love = clean eating

Hello there! Lately my posting has been just a smidgen random and irregular. I apologize for that! It’s been busy with a capital B!

I do want to share something that is changing my life in amazing ways. After reading all my favorite blogs, there’s one thing that can be said about ALL of us. We all want cute homes, pretty food, in-shape-hot-mamma bodies, pretty faces, hair and clothes…and most of all happy kiddos. And some of us run businesses and go to grad school in between.

A lot of the time I over-look posting about all of these things because they feel so simple or plain. Truth is, I look to see how other women are being successful in those areas, so why not share what helps me too right?

Here’s my first share….Clean Eating is changing my health, my body and my life.
I read (3 times back-to-back) Tosca Reno’s “The Eat Clean Diet Recharged” which you can find HERE.
I’m officially obsessed with eating clean. I started eating clean in January and when I went to Alpine for classes I didn’t….I ate pure junk the whole time. I came home miserable and then had the flu.
For once in my life, I could truly feel what it is like to not eat right and what it does to your body. I would not eat a hamburger and fries right now if you paid me. That’s how great I feel. And the best part….
It’s uber healthy and I can manage it on a single-Mom budget.

What makes me even MORE HAPPY is this…

Because that smoothie is made out of this….
And Jax LOVES them!

Does your 3 year old eat raw spinach? Probably not---mine thinks it’s grass! Ha ha ha! But he will eat a smoothie! He loves our smoothies and has his own little smoothie cup.

Tomorrow I will share a few smoothie recipe ideas that I use and that we love. And I’m going to start sharing some Clean Eating snacks and meals that I’ve discovered or created too.

One more thing that Clean Eating has done…because I feel so good…I feel like I can run a marathon…even if my body can’t right now. So guess what?

My step-sister and I are training to run a marathon next January. Yep! It’s BIGTIME exciting!!!
We are going to run in the Big Bend 50 Ultra Marathon in Big Bend Park.
image via:

There’s a 10K, 25K and 50K. Oh my goodness!
We are starting our training focused on the 25K right now. Pretty exciting!!
So in addition to our clean eating, I’ll be sharing our training ideas and what we are learning. Because we were athletes in our younger days, but we are no where near marathon runners yet. It’s going to be a BIG journey. But I’m super excited!

If you already know lot’s of great tips for beginners we are open to all help! =)

Hope you are having a BLESSED!