Saturday, January 21, 2012

Project Barn wood photography backdrop-- DONE!

I’m so happy to post that my construction project is done! Whooohooo! I love the feeling of seeing my ideas manifested in front of my eyes. I knew what I wanted…and it is a reality now!

I wanted an old barn wood background for my studio. The look of old barn wood is timeless and it just looks amazing for photographs. I’ve spent a lot of time scoping out old buildings just to use old wood as a background. Last week it hit me, “Why not make your own old wood backdrop!” And that’s just what I did. Well not just me…it was an entire family project. I couldn’t have done it without my amazing parents!!

I already had the old barn wood thank goodness. I have a precious Aunt who knows how much I love old things. She had brought me a pile of old wood from a barn/shed that was on her land in Colorado. I so loved that my wood had history too!

Soooo… Mom and I laid the wood out and it was the perfect height and length for my studio stage.

My Mom set up the wood before we started the construction. 


And we started drilling the wood together!!! Jaxon loved helping us too.


My Dad helped do the MUSCLE parts of the project.


And Jax helped PaPa too. Too cute!!!


It took one entire evening to complete. I was almost in tears I was so excited. The next evening we built a box to use as a prop for seating out of old pallets.

And let me just add…you see different projects with refurbished pallets and it looks easy right? Heck no! That wood is so hard to work with! I broke MANY screws making my little box---yes even with pre-drilling. I honestly think my little box took more work and muscle than my BIG backdrop.

Once it was built, we had to haul it from the farm to my house in town ---15 miles. Pretty funny!

I couldn’t wait to try it out with Jaxon.

But my tooter wasn’t exactly cooperative for the practice run at first. I seriously think the hardest pictures I take…are of my OWN child. See what I mean…LOL!


Finally…he with the persuasion of this…..


he sat still for a few seconds to do a few test-run shots. Yes…I bribed my child with candy. =)


I absolutely LOVE the look of the wood. You just cannot replicate that look with fake backdrops.  And just look at my GORGEOUS box. Makes my heart go PITTER-PATTER! I can’t wait to use it in sessions!!


And finally….after a little candy persuasion…..the shot that I was looking for….


This route for backdrop took a lot of extra work and it’s not for the faint of heart. For me it is exactly what I was looking for. That look isn’t for everyone, and that’s the beauty of our business right? We are artists and our photographs are our blank canvases!! Don’t be afraid to create your own backdrops, looks and props. Sometimes the look you are going for just can’t be bought in replica reproductions.

I have a super sweet session with 3 kiddos this Monday morning so I cannot wait to show you how much fun using this backdrop will be!!!

Have you made your own backdrops before? I would love to hear about it and see what you made!!




Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

That is gorgeous! I love it!!!! I'm sure it will be so worth all the hard work.

Bridget said...

Great pictures! I love the strawberry candy pose. This makes me want to take pictures in front of a wooden backdrop as well! :)


Life Happens said...

Love it!! That is a gorgeous back drop!

christina said...

SO EXCITED TO SEE THIS! I'm making mine this weekend after my hunt for real barn wood! I am probably going to cry when it's finished too! Thanks for showing me how you put yours together!