Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy Monday!

Oooh! It's the beginning of a FRESH new week. Blank slate. What will we do with our new week!

Jax and I won't be doing anything outside today...that's for sure. This is what the radar looks like for my area right now.  Winter storm. Ooooh. Warm fuzzy house shoes and hot cocoa for sure!

I made another art goodie for my Esty shop this weekend. And with the weather being so bleck...I think today will be a perfect day to make more!
I am so ready to have everything made and ready to roll! It's almost time!

I finally thought of my word and theme for 2012. Yep, its the 9th and I just now figured it out. Better late then never right?

I kept trying to think of something that encompasses it all. I want to be a better Mom. Be more organized. Me more fit. Meditate and pray more. Love better. Do better. I finally figured it out.
My word and goal for this year is......

I think that covers it all don't you? With more self-discipline, everything falls into place. And everthing is better. So...that's my word for this year. Each day I want to focus on little ways I can do a better job at self-discipline in each area of my life. Not big, grand ways. Just the little things, so that hopefully by this time next year, all of those little things will add up to some pretty great improvements. Not perfection, just progress. =)


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