Monday, December 19, 2011

And it’s Monday!

Hope you had a great weekend. We sure did! I am flat tired. Are you? I think after I finished finals my brain automatically shut down. All in…all done. Ha ha ha!

Here’s a few photos of what we were up to the past few days.

We did our annual hayrides at our church to look at Christmas lights last night. It was so much fun.


In addition to the hayrides, they serve free hot dogs, hot cocoa, kettle corn and cotton candy to the entire community.


It’s such an awesome family event. We always have the best time and the older Jax gets, the more fun we have.


Jaxon LOVED it. We had to go TWO rounds because he loved it so much. And he would have gone THREE times but it was too late…and TOO COLD!


There are some really awesome light displays.


I saw some great crafty ideas too! Ha ha! Maybe next year I will remember them for projects.

Jax + Granny♥



Here’s a few photos from this weekend’s sessions and a few from my Mustang session from awhile back that I worked on this weekend.

282 logo

GFamily logo

Mustangs 179 logo

Mustangs 231 logo

I’m also in the process of re-doing my website. Seriously…NOT FUN!

It’s like watching grass grow. It’s a very slow process. Uploading your entire work portfolio is a tedious process. I’m excited about the changes and in the end it will be SO WORTH it. But right now…it’s not looking like there’s any light at the end of the tunnel. LOL! I’m re-doing the blog design to match it as well…HOPEFULLY!


I told my Mom for Christmas, I would like a maid and an assistant who can do Photoshop, HTML coding and web design. She laughed and said that’s probably not happening! GOSH!! Guess I’m stuck with all the dirty work! Ha ha! By the time school starts up again next semester…I might be cross eyed and under a pile of laundry. Juuuuuust kidding!

Hope you had a BLESSED Monday!



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