Monday, October 24, 2011

We had a little visitor!!

There are some things that I have not anticipated happening with my little journey as a Mamma. One of them being…the joy my little boy would experience when seeing our first turtle in the backyard!! We had so much fun playing with our little visitor. I’m not sure if he did or not…or she…but we sure enjoyed it!

Jaxon was completely mesmerized and kept saying “Mamma…look a TUR-TUR!!Mustangs 012

He looooves animals. He will sit and look at his animal books for hours. And don’t even get him started on all the animals Diego rescues!

Mustangs 016

What a big TUR-TUR too!! It’s actually one of the biggest ones I’ve seen in my life – in West Texas. I’m sure it’s drought related though sadly. I’ve heard that even the native turtle population has been greatly hit by the lack of rainfall.

My neighbor actually found the big guy – and then he escaped to our backyard. After meeting my dogs he/she has re-thought that escape and returned back home!

But not before I could do a little photo shoot! LOL!
Mustangs 022

I’m so glad that Jaxon get’s to experience things like this. There’s only so many pictures that you can look at…but seeing REAL animals is priceless. And in our own backyard…love that!

Mustangs 024

Mustangs 025

Maybe you too will find some animals in your backyard today!!

Hope you have a BLESSED beginning of the week!!



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Life Happens said...

That is one big tur tur! What a cutie!