Tuesday, October 18, 2011

To carve…or not to carve?? Tis the question!!

Are you carving your pumpkins this year?? I always try to do some pumpkin crafty with Jax and this year, I’m totally thinking NO CARVING. It’s a mess…and the insides are kind of stinky. LOL! Plus…I don’t care how much Vaseline you slap on them…they still get funky and wilty. Well mine do anyways. They go from happy faces…to creepy looking faces! Ha ha!!

I’ve been compiling a few ideas I’ve found and am pretty excited to find some cute NON-carving ideas!! Thought I would share just in case any of you are on the fence about carving this year too!
Super cute YARN idea!

Pinned Image
image via: Two Shades of Pink

Hmmmm….totally love these!
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image via: Woman’s Day

This might not be too hard?? If you can line up the doily right! I probably would SMUDGE it! LOL!
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image via: Better Homes and Gardens

I totally love all the DECORATIVE tapies that are available now. This would be easy! But you would probably have to add some adhesive – I’m just saying…masking tape sometimes POPS up! Maybe modern masking tape sticks better??? LOL!
Pumpkins decorated with tape
image via: Real Simple

I really LOVE Meg’s pumpkins and I think we are totally going the PAINT route! Jaxon LOVES to paint and I think he will LOVE doing this!!!! And well…so will MAMMA! LOL! Just look how HAPPY all the color is! LOVE IT!!
image via: Whatever

Hope your week is going SUPAH!!!!!

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