Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!♥

Whooo hooooo! We are still ALIVE! Jax and I made it through the flu-cold-junkorama sickness of the past week. Goodness! I have not been that sick since I taught school! You know teachers – you always get the WORST colds and FLU! Or at least I always did…even despite my GALLON SIZE GERM-X bottle and LYSOLING everyone’s desks all the time. LOL.

We are doing MUCH bettah!!! Well we still cough like a lung might come loose…but goodness…I can handle a COUGH!

We had a SUPER BUSY weekend and had SUCH a GREAT time!!! I had some AH-mazing photo sessions. I get so emotional just talking about them…and looking at them. God continues to bless me beyond all imagination. I am just in awe!!!

Here’s a few teasers from the weekend:
Chatwell Fam 295 logo
Chatwell Fam 659 logo
Chatwell Fam 467 logo
Chatwell Fam 093 logo
1097 logo
Open33 logo
Openff logo
Opennn logo
Openhh logo
Open555 logo
Openkkk logo
450 logo
Openw logo
Open33 logo
251 logo
Can you tell it was a FUN-filled weekend!! Taking pictures is so NOT WORK for me. It’s just a blessing of FUN!!!

I have LOT’S more to share with you this week! Jax and I did a FUN painting PROJECT! And I’m on a MISSION to get my little CASA back in order after a LONG semester of graduate school and WORK. Uughh! I thought I would BLOG it so I would be DEDICATED to finishing it! I also want to chat about Mamma Weight Loss ideas this week too! Goodness…what else can we throw in the pot to chit chat about! LOL!!!

And speaking of chit-chatting. I pretty much have the BEST friends in my blog readers. I can’t even begin to express how GRATEFUL I am for all of you who commented and emailed me while Jax and I were sick last week. To me – that is what blogging is all about. The sweet friends from all over the world that you bond with and support on our journeys! Love y’all and THANK YOU so MUCH!!!

Hap-hap-hap-HAPPY Halloweeeeeeeeeen!!!

Hope your week is MARVELOUS!!!