Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall Traditions–taking pictures of your munchkins!

Hi lovelies!

How are you?

GREAT I hope!

I wanted to take a minute to talk about a FALL tradition we do around our little casa. Remember how I told you about my 4th of July picture tradition with Jaxon in July? Well…I also do a FALL picture tradition with Jaxon too. It’s WAY fun and I really look forward to it each year!!

All you need to do is grab your babies and find something FALLish to use for a prop or backdrop. Maybe there’s a pumpkin patch in your area? Make it a family date to visit! Most offer free admission which is GREAT for the ol’ budget!! I did Jaxon’s first two years at the pumpkin patch, this year I took him to a YUMMY rusty old truck…and lugged a pumpkin along. Super easy…and SUPER cute!

Here’s all of his FALL pictures so far!

I just had his most recent one printed and was looking at how I wanted to frame it. I almost cried actually…it’s so crazy looking at how much your baby has grown!!! Goodness!

I also chuckled a little bit after my sad moment…my photography skills have grown so much!! YAY!! It’s neat to see how you grow in our technique and skills too!!

Here are some of his sneak peeks for his session. He was being a BIG STINKER too. Don’t let the smiles fool you….I had to work HARD for them!

Jax 512B logo

Jax 295 logo-horzJax 335 logo

Jax 401 logo

Jax 008 logo

This is a new “a la carte” item I’m doing for my clients too! And I LOVE it!!!!!  Capturing our babies personalities with their session. WAY FUN! And you wanna know why he’s laughing so hard…because I had to JUMP up and DOWN over and over to get him to LAUGH! You have to WORK it for the SMILES! LOL!
Jax 273

It’s time to plan your baby’s fall pictures!!! Find a photographer in your area [[if you are in my area– give me a shout!!]] or get your camera out…and GET CREATIVE!!

Have a BLESSED day!!




Life Happens said...

I LOVE fall. I will definitely be doing the pumpkin pictures every year. We are headed to the pumpkin patch this weekend to find a pumpkin for my pumpkin!

You take GREAT pictures! I'm still learning how to use my Cannon!

Unknown said...

Aw great pics! I love taking fall pictures.