Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day Monday!!

Hi everyone!!! Hope your holiday weekend has been AWESOME! I have been caaaaa-leeeeeeaning and working…. and working on homework. From sun up until sun down. LOL. Friday I was a little overwhelmed…today…I feel better. I’ve chipped away at my to-do list enough this weekend that things are little more balanced. Whew!

It has been a refreshing weekend….the weather is finally taking a turn for Fall. I noticed it when I was in Alpine…when I got up early for class on Sunday morning. It was flat cold. But in the mountains it’s a little chillier than here…but it’s been cool here too! I’m in heaven!!!! My absolute favorite time of the year…is when you can feel Fall…and you can feel the change all around you. Ooohhhhhh la la!!!! Love it!!

So…to celebrate…let’s continue our FALL FUN and look at more yummy ideas to celebrate the season!!


You knew I would throw a few wreaths in!!! Love this one!!! I love that it’s Fall-ie with a punch of color!


image via: Nest of Posies

I really like all the POLKA-DOTTIES and CHECKERS and STRIPES and FUN DESIGN elements to this one! CAAAUUUTE!!


image via: Etsy

I love the different colors of this one too!!


image via: Side By Side

What gorgeous FALL wedding colors!!! WOW!


image via: Pinterest

Well yippety yay yahoooooo….I guess I need a pair of these FALL boots!!! I had no idea! I wonder what the CHRSTMAS ones look like? LOL!


image via: Zappos

And since we are talking about things to wear….I totally love this COLOR COMBO! In my next SKINNY LIFE…I’ll wear this one FALL! LOL! Well unless it comes in MAMMA sizes now!! Pretty stinkin’ cute!!!

image via: Life’s a Journal


These little vintagie pumpkins are too sweet!


image via: Thompson Family

More pretty pumpkins!!! I remember the first time I saw the top right hand photo of the gold-leaf pumpkins-it was 2 or 3 years ago in Country Living magazine. Is it sad that I can visually remember photos from magazines like that? LOL!!!


image via: Pinterest

In LOVE with this entryway!!


image via: Party Wishes

I love how these colors pop – great way to use opposite colors of the color wheel for a PRETTY POP of COLOR!! This would be a SUPER easy decoration too! Most of us country-fied lovin’ ladies have a turquoise Mason jar. Pop some orange foliage in…and viola NEW FALL DÉCOR!


image via: flickr

And to close for today…how about some YUMMO Fall FOOD! And these are just marvelous…..Pumpkin Buttermilk Donuts. Shut up. Who comes up with these sort of dreamy things? Recipe found HERE!


image via: Babble

Okay…so go light your FALL candles…and if you don’t already have them…go get some! Even the Dollar Stores have them out now!! And ENJOY your HOLIDAY! I’ll be thinking about you all…while I’m editing…and reading Wide Sargasso Sea…and Civil Disobedience! OH YAY!! LOL!!

Have a BLESSED day!


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