Thursday, September 8, 2011

Color around our house today!

Happy Thursday!!! Hope you are having a great week! Is it really almost over? Here’s a few snapshots of color around our house today…

[one small stack…of the novels I have to read for class]


[my precious sweet pea]


[surprises that came in the mail this week]



[a corner I’ve been FLUFFING to make my office area PRETTY]



[I’m totally rocking a vintage 1985 Baylor shirt…and a bandana headband today! Work-at-home-Mamma stylin’ LOL!!!]


[And there might be hints of Fall around our casa…]




[Jaxy’s first Pumpkin pictures…makes my heart smile]


This week has been a smidgen rough on the old keester, but we are still bulldozing through it all. I found great peace this week in this verse:

♥For He himself is our peace. (Ephesians 2:14)

Peace in such a fast-paced, not-so-easy journey…I certainly needed that reminder. I’m so grateful that God gives me little nudges as a reminder to be still and listen to his voice for guidance and peace.

That voice came this week at the grocery store of all things. I had a horrific day earlier this week, my faith was weak and my heart was heavy. Jaxon and I were checking out at the grocery store. Which for some, may not be a big deal. But for me as a single Mom, I am so grateful for every single morsel of food in my pantry. Every time we check out and walk to the car I look at Jaxon and say “Thank you God for our FOOD!”

That day, as the sweet lady was handing me our receipt, Jaxon looked at her and said “Thank you GOD for FOOD!” I almost bawled. He has watched me say that every time…and is learning to have a grateful heart from my actions.

It was such a big nudge for me…to just stop being so busy and so stressed and so hurt…and just be grateful for my blessings. It’s amazing how shifting your focus…shifts your heart.

Thank you GOD that my son is learning to thank You for our precious blessings. Thank you for renewed strength and faith. And thank you…. for another BEAUTIFUL day!



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Anonymous said...

OMG, Love this post! Sounds like you are as wonderful a gift to your son as he is to you! You are teaching him well! :)