Friday, August 19, 2011

Family Handprint Craft Project

Happy FRIDAY friends!! Hope you had a TERRIFIC week! We sure did! For this week’s craftie we made a pretty stinkin’ cute project!!
I’ve seen a few of these floating around in bloggie/craftie land, but they are all “whole” family projects. And by that, I mean, there’s you know…the Daddy and the Mamma and the kiddos handprints.
BUT…you know me…the single Mom crafting rebel. By gosh…we were going to have a cute framed handprint craft too!! We are our “own-kind-of-whole-family.” Just because your family may be a little different…doesn’t mean you aren’t a family!
SO…that thinking…was my inspiration behind our craftie!! And I absolutely LOVE IT!
family 015 logob
Gather your supplies. You should have all of this on-hand! I used scrapbook paper I already had and a frame that I had too!! If you do not have scrapbook paper, use magazine pages with pretty colors, patterns or textures! Use what you have!!
family 006
Trace your hand and and your kiddos’ hands. Trace all of your FAMILY hands-or have a family craft night and have everyone trace their own hands! Then cut them out! If your kiddos are old enough to cut them out this would be a great way to incorporate them in the craft fun!
Use a different patterned paper for a background and begin gluing handprints to your background by gluing the largest hand to the background paper first. Follow with each size-appropriate handprint until you reach the last wittle one!
Add any extra adornments you want for jazzing your picture up! I used the back side of the scraps from our handprints to make a heart!  I also wanted to incorporate the word “family” in ours as well…and with a few family oriented magazines laying around…I just knew I could find it! And JACKPOT…easy as pie…I found one!
family 007
See…take a closer gander…..
family 008
You could also look for words such as “faith” or “love” in your magazines at home to personalize  your frame.
Once you are done with your cute masterpiece…slide it into your frame and admire your GORG artwork!! Your kiddos will love it too! Jaxon loved that it was his hand in the picture!
family 012
I can’t find the perfect home for it yet…I want it in a really visible place so that anyone who visits our home can see it! We are a proud FAMILY!
family 024
family 031
I love it because for me it is a symbol of the love I share with my little Jaxy…and we are united as a family…with LOVE! Craft projects can be simple…and portray a strong energy of love in your home. I’m a huge believer that we are responsible for the energy we bring into a place…and when you come to our house…I hope you can feel positive energy and LOTS of LOVE!
And don’t forget – if you aren’t the cookie-cutter-family – you are a family too – and can make cute FAMILY CRAFTIES TOO!
family 034
Have a MARVELOUS and BLESSED week!


Kat said...

Hey Tiffany. Love it - such a great idea! Hopefully I can get a 1yr old to stay still long enough to do it! Have a great weekend - Kat :-)

TanyaLalonde said...

Hello!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea - so simple, beautiful and yet such a wonderful keepsake of a project. I pinned it on Pinterest and over 100 people repinned and liked it! :) Thank you so much for posting this. Love your blog!