Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Craft sneak peek and a road trip to the mountains!

Well can you believe…I’m almost done with our salt dough craftie! Good gravy that was the longest post ever! Well not really the post. It was the whole process that took awhile!! Let’s just say by the time we finished…my entire family participated in some manner to finish the project!!

Here’s a teeny sneak peek at what the end result looks like!


I'm pretty smitten with them! Too sweet!!!

By the time  you are even reading this I will  probably be long gone down a Texas highway headed here….


image via: Texas Explorer

It is McKittrick Canyon in the Guadalupe Mountains. I don’t think the leaves will be changing just yet though!


image via: Texas Trip Spring 2005

My brother decided the whole family should go hiking and do a  picnic. It will be Jax’s first hiking adventure. I think we will be content trying to take pretty pictures…and staying cool. It should be a LOT of fun though! My camera battery is charging as I type.

This weekend I’ll be in a whole different set of mountains for my first weekend of graduate classes! Time is FLYING BY! That will a whole new adventure too!

Get ready for a BUSY and BUMPY ride this week! We have a LARGE  TO-DO list and not many days to get it all done!!



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