Saturday, July 2, 2011

No more brallow hair!

Happy Saturday! Yahoooooo!! It’s such a GORGEOUS day…even if it will be hot enough to fry bacon and eggs outside later…it’s still preeetttttyyyyy right now!! I’ve got laundry and a dirty house calling my name…but I just had to share my latest make over! You know I’m on a kick lately…trying to be a PRETTY Mamma!!

Last night…I was a kitchen magician!! Are you one too???

I cannot…and will not go to a salon regularly. Sorry but there’s no extra pennies in my piggy bank for that! {Please don’t comment or email me about how bad that is! Thank you!!☺}

BUT….I can mix up some mad hair color on my own. I’ve done my own coloring for years. My best friend and I always joke that we are KITCHEN MAGICIANS! LOL!!

I haven’t done anything at all to my hair…since before Jaxon was born. I would highlight it every 6 months…to try to cover my ever-growing collection of gray hair. But other than that…nada. To say that I have neglected my self and making myself PRETTY is an understatement. Now that it’s been almost a year of being a single Mamma…I finally feel human again. Ha ha ha…was I an alien or something?? Just KIDDING!!!

Anyways…I’ve been trying little things…as you know…to just make myself feel good…and maybe a little pretty. I’ve known my hair needed an UPGRADE…but hesitated…out of just being tired. BUT…I finally did it. And for cheap too!!! Ha ha….frugal hair doooooos rock!!

I bought the granny brand…no offense…but in all my hair coloring days…I always looked over the cheapest brand…now days…it’s right up my alley!! These were $3.67 a box at my local Wal-Mart. A price I can afford!!

headshot 001

And I took a few BEFORE of the my BRALLOW hotness!!! If you are wondering what the heckBRALLOW means…it is BROWN and YELLOW combined…and it’s not so pretty BRASSY shade of YUCK!!

headshot 003

And a few silly ones!!! Jaxon is with his Dad for the weekend…so I get to be silly on my Mamma Friday nights!

See what I mean!!! Ha ha ha ha ha!!

headshot 022

Pinned my fro up……that’s the only way I can tackle my hair!!

headshot 025

And slapped on the hair JUICE!!!

headshot 031

I thought maybe the cheaper brand would be more liquidy {yes it’s a word lol} and run down my face or something…but it wasn’t!! I also had to use every last drop on ALL my CRAZY hair though so there wasn’t any to drip really!

I did freak out a smidgen…3 years and no major hair color change can make you freak out. But I had to remind myself I used to do it ALL THE TIME! See…here’s Lorie {my BFF} and I at her wedding….that Tiffany was SUPER cool!! She’s somewhere deep inside…and I’m slowly excavating her! Ha ha!!


Anywhooooo… only complaint about my granny hair color…is the cheapo gloves. I forgot how they will split by the thumb part…and when you realize it…it’s too late…and your hand is STAINED! LOL☺

headshot 035

I waited and watched “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” that I had DVRed. And finally….it was time to wash it off and see how it turned out!!

I’m very pleased and HAPPY…and feel like a whole new person! I should have done this a looooooooooooooooooooong time ago!! Why do we as Mammas neglect ourselves…or maybe it’s just me and getting so down with my divorce and stress of being a single Mom?? Whatever it is…it’s over. I’m not going to be the Mom who isn’t PRETTY anymore!! My definition of pretty…and not anyone elses! Yay for the PRETTY!!!


Biiiiiiiiig difference HUH???

Now I’m off to fight the forces of clutter and DIRTINESS in my Casita!!!! I’m painting my bedroom this weekend too…I HOPE!!!




Heather said...

You look gorgeous! That color really makes your eyes pop. As a single mom, I think giving yourself some time and effort makes you a better, more confident mom. :)

Mandy said...

I have to say that I think you are beautiful! I love your are so honest! Thanks for reminding us mamas not to forget about ourselves!

Meredith said...

Hi! I just found your blog through The Girl Creative and am a new follower :)

The hair color looks great on you! I just dyed mine with turquoise highlights...crazy I know!

Haute To Sew

SewAmy said...

just found your blog and you are adorable.