Wednesday, June 1, 2011

JAG Design Company…is officially in BUSINESS!

Whew. Goodness. Let me just say that I know my blogging is totally random these days. I quit following a schedule for the summer…and I’m sorry. I’ll probably get back to a more set schedule towards the end of the summer.

My photo business has been BLOOMING. My best friend and partner of Trunque of Junque Photography and I are SO BLESSED. Basically…we no longer have weekends off. Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings and evenings (and even a few week days) are spent doing this…


And we LOVE every second of it. But it’s a whole new part-time…almost full-time job.
And in addition to my little photo gig…I’ve been conjuring up a little boutique design company.
Oh goodness. Yes…I can design and play in Photoshop for hours. I used to be a graphic designer many moons ago for a publishing company. I love it. Love it. Love it. Love it.
And after launching our photo company…I just felt like I could do this. I knew I wouldn’t be getting rich over night…but slowly…I can see it in my head…and how it will grow…and become something really great for me. I see it. And God will not let me just sit here and NOT do anything about it. It’s in my heart  and in my head. Every single day.
Sooooo as a start… are a few samples of what I’ve been working on….
♥Girls – 1 year old birthday party invitation
MyaInvite proof
♥Boy newborn announcement
Micah announcement final copy
♥Mamma Calling Card
Mommy Card sample proof
See why I haven’t been BLOGGING now??? LOL!!!!
I am slooooowly getting the design samples created and uploaded for my Etsy shop!! Right now (as of Wednesday) the only card/design in my shop is the Mamma Calling Card which can be found by clicking HERE.
As you can see…I have my work cut out for me. But I feel it in my bones…and in my soul…that it will be worth it!!!!

Hope you are having a SUPER DUPER week!!!!

Keep your eye out for new JAG Design CO. designs on both the Etsy shop…and at!!!



FawnKreations said...

Congrats! I love the logo on the photos! Have fun. =)

affectioknit said...

Congratulations! Awesome photos!