Friday, May 6, 2011

Need a last minute Mother’s Day gift?

Hi there! How has your week been? Mine? Oh thanks for asking! It’s been sheer chaos! I say that all the time though I guess. But really this week = BUSY and LOOOOONGEST week ever! I’ve already decided on Suday I will not do a thing. N a d a. Zilch. NOTHING. It’s my day…and I will be taking it easy (fingers crossed.)
Okay so I haven’t officially blogged or announced it…but I started an Etsy shop awhile back. Right now I just have digital prints that I have created that you can purchase. They are super cool and super cheap.
I am working on orders as we speak…or as I type this rather.
They make a great Mother’s day gift! I can email them to your Mamma with a message…and she can print it it…and do whatever she wants it with it!
And you don’t have to pay shipping…or deal with the crowds.
I think that’s S U P E R!
Did I mention they are super cheap too! $2.99 a pop! What a deal!
Here’s a few samples of the prints I have!
wood flower final proof
Home Mom proof
flower final proof
And a FEW MORE!!!
Click HERE to visit my JUNK ART GIRL Etsy shop!!!
Have a SUPER weekend!

Sending MUCHOS love to all you MAMMAS out there!!!!!!!

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