Friday, May 27, 2011

Family MOTTO chalkboard DIY info


And FRIDAY of a HOLIDAY weekend! Yipeeeeeee! I can already feel the sunshine…taste the watermelon…and feel SUMMER is on it’s way!!

I put up a teaser of my new family MOTTO chalkboard earlier this week and I wanted to take a minute to share how I made it!

I salvaged an old dry erase board at our local dump a few weeks back. Remember all my furniture finds ?? I found this board the same day!

chalkboard 006

I had full intentions of using it as a dry erase board. But after scrubbing and trying every chemical I could think of to clean it…the old writing just would not come off!
See what I mean….LOL!

chalkboard 004

Soooooo…I held on to the board and thought a few weeks about what I could do with it. I have been itching to do a chalkboard wall for awhile. But have you seen the price of chalkboard paint?? Then I found a recipe for homemade chalkboard paint…gulp…I was STOKED!
The recipe called for 1 cup of paint mixed with 2 Tablespoons of unsanded grout. That sounded easy enough!!

I knew I had about 3/4 of a gallon of black paint…and my parents had recently tiled their kitchen so surely they had grout left over!!

My Mom checked her grout…and it was sanded grout. Hmmmm…..I couldn’t help but wonder what the difference would be??? I decided to just go with it…what did I have to lose?? An old dry erase board wasn’t a BIG loss!!

So I made the mixture….Tiffany style. I used sanded grout…and my paint was semi-gloss. Lol…nothing like the original recipe.

chalkboard 002

The mixture was a little runnier than I anticipated…it’s really a weird texture. Maybe it was the sanded grout? And it stinks!!

chalkboard 009

First coat….

chalkboard 011

I ended up putting 3 coats on!! I let each layer dry completely before applying the next layer!
After it was GOOD and COVERED I primed it by rubbing a piece of chalk over the entire board. I have read that you are supposed to SAND it before this step. I was not in the mood for sand paper. LOL. Feel free to sand if you feel froggie!

chalkboard 013

After priming it…wipe it down with a damp cloth. Allow it to dry completely…and VIOLA…brand new CHALKBOARD!!!

I knew I wanted to put this MOTTO up in our house. And this board was DESTINED for our new family MOTTO.

chalkboard 016

I adore it!!!

A few notes:
♥I probably wouldn’t use a dry erase board for a HEAVY use chalkboard. Or maybe PRIME it before you paint it??? OR maybe FLAT paint with adhere better?? There were a few spots that pulled up when I was drawing on mine!!If you just want to use it as a decoration…then this is PERFECT!
♥The sanded grout works fine…but it is a little GRITTY. I don’t know how the unsanded texture would be…but it does work! I painted a little piece of a door in my laundry room to test it on a surface that wasn’t a dry erase board…and it works perfectly!
You know what my favorite part of this project was????
IT WAS F R E E !!!

My favorite PRICE!!!!

I love it…and it makes me smile every time I walk in my kitchen! IT’s GINORMOUS…and I love that! I’m seriously contemplating an entire chalkboard wall…I have enough paint and grout. Hmmm….oh and did you know you can do the chalkboard pain recipe with ANY COLOR??? Yeppers. I love the black…but any color works! How super cool!!

And ONE MORE thing!!!

I finally have a few FAMILY pictures of Jaxon and I. Finally. I was a little emotional doing the whole “single Mom” family pictures…but it was also empowering. We have survived almost a whole year…on our own…and guess what…we are doing better than ever.
God is so good.

He has blessed us…protected us…and prospered our lives in ways I could have never imagined. There really is a rainbow after every storm….and LIFE is beautiful!!

Jax 082
Jax 058
Jax 120

Hope you all have a SUPER DUPER weekend!! Wear SUNSCREEN!


affectioknit said...

What an AWESOME project! Love the family pics too!

Holly C. said...

I want to try this!

Beautiful family photos.

emily anderson said...

this is SUCH a fabulous idea!

and p.s. i love your etsy shop :)

Foundinthe-ALI said...

Omg I've been looking for a chalkboard paint recipe! Thanks!!

I'm your newest follower!


Anonymous said...

Wow, this is really awesome, and I LOVE what you did with it! Also, your son is the cutest!!! I love that you are wanting to be a blessing to single moms. That is definitely a ministry!!! God Bless.

scone said...

you've just inspired me to go to the local tip shop and scout about and see what I can find! Thank you!

I am LOVD said...

Just wanted to say, I gave you some love today at my blog:

Anonymous said...

Clever! I am a newly single mom of three. Thanks for the inspiration on both the project and the pictures!


Unknown said...

thanks tiffany! I love your style: go for it! i also didn't have unsanded grout, so I went for it. Halfway done with my "Guest Book" which will go on the front porch for visitors that just missed us. You are fabulous.

Susangrandma said...

Thank you so much for being the one to experiment. I also hit up a friend that does home improvements. All he had was sanded grout as well. I will be sanding and priming my old cake pan will become​ a writing surface, chalkboard with magnet letters to practice. It is for my 3 year old neighbor. �� Great thing about it being a cake pan is that it will keep the chalk, paper whatever from rolling all over the place, whether on the couch or a car trip. If I still had the lid that went with it that would even be better.

Susangrandma said...

Btw they do sell "wipe off board" paint for old boards or just a wall. If you come across a way to make it let us know. It is super expensive. Thanks again for the chalkboard paint know-how. God bless.