Monday, February 21, 2011

Mamma Mondays-Coffee Confession

Well…ummm…we should just get down to it….to my ummm little confession.
You see….awhile back I so proudly boasted that I had CUT OUT cokes and coffee. And yeppers…I did awesome…for about a week…and then I totally FELL on my hiney…so-to-speak. Don’t you hate it when you brag about something…and then you later have to eat crow??? LOL!
I LOVE coffee. Heck I have my own espresso maker. Yep. I ♥ coffee a lot. And I ♥ cokes just as much. It’s an awful awful battle. LOL.
Lately I decided to quit bashing myself about it…I have much BIGGER things to worry about…so I will drink my coffee and coke…in moderation…hopefully…and just be HAPPY!
I am super excited and happy to share that I found a YUMMO and DELISH coffee for a SUPER price.
Every time I would buy my Starbucks or Duncan Donuts coffee I would almost choke.

Almost $9-10 clams for…a SMALL bag of COFFEE???? And yes..there are the “other” brands.
But I need GOOD coffee. I’m a poor single Mamma…but coffee…just can’t be comprised.
Soooo reluctantly….I started to experiment.
I knew that surely I could find a CHEAPER yet TASTEFUL alternative. And do you know what…I found the JACKPOT!
Eight O’Clock French Roast Coffee…
It’s PERFECT!!!!
And let me tell you what the price is….


Holy crackers isn’t that just AWESOME!
I can buy coffee and a bag of DIAPERS for what I was paying for the other brands.
And SCOUTS HONOR… it is JUST AS TASTY as the other brands!!
I find mine at my local Wal-Mart…and I’m not sure where all it is in stock.
It’s well worth a try!! Especially if you are a coffee addict trying to save a few bucks!!


affectioknit said...

I know what you addiction is tea though...and I probably drink a couple of quarts a day...

Unknown said...

Coffee can be very expensive. We got one of those Keurigs for Christmas and we can only buy "special" coffee for it. lol
I kinda miss grinding my own. *sigh