Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday DIY- FINALLY my living room FLOOR REVEAL

So it’s been MONTHS since I first mentioned my living room floor project. And it feels like that darn floor took months. 
Oh wait it did!!
I had to work on it little by little when Jaxon wasn’t at home. He has asthma and paint fumes and polyurethane fumes are a sure asthma trigger. 

And well…we don’t need any of that nonsense.
Sooo….little by little I worked and painted.  

And it is FINALLY done. 
It has been done for awhile but I hadn’t made time to take pictures. 

That room is a pickle to photograph. There is absolutely NO natural lighting or windows. Uughh…aggravating.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are PROFESSIONAL fixer-upper-person…please DO NOT READ. Or if you do...please be forewarned that you might...

 gasp…pass out…and totally disapprove of my MAMMA concrete painting! 

It works for me though…and I’m quite happy with it! LOL♥

Soooo….without further ado…here is my purdy FLOOR!♥

Here’s the before……

It had BLUE shaggy stained DISGUSTING carpet that I could no longer deal with. I just knew that painting it had to be better than that stinkin’ CARPET. 

So I started cutting…ripping…and pulling out carpet until I had this!


Bare floors….WHAT A MESS! Looking at these pictures made me not breath a little…how in the world did I not freak out with this MESS! LOL!


As I was going though these pictures I thought about how it’s funny how when a project is done…
you forget how LONG the process was…and how you put up with the NON-FINISHED areas. 

Goodness…Christmas décor…and an UN-FINISHED FLOOR! These pictures are in a November 11th folder…WOW. LONG project!! {Told ya it took me awhile to finish this little DOO-DAH☺}

To do my floor I used:
♥Old left-over paint that my Mom gave me
♥Old rags
♥Polyurethane to seal it!

I was literally on my hands and knees…swirling and mixing paint and splotching it with a rag. It gave it a stained look. I used shades of brown, maroon, red, orange and highlights of turquoise. 

A HODGE PODGE of colors! LOL!

And as I mentioned before…I would move everything out of an area…paint it…and move things back over. 
I shifted and painted the whole room veeerrrry slowly. 

I finished it all off with a coat of polyurethane to seal and protect it.

Ready for the AFTER???


Other than the cost of polyurethane…this floor was almost free. 
I probably lucked out because the concrete was already sealed??? 
It "took" the paint perfectly…and I’ve moved my furniture all around…and it’s not at all scuffed.
It’s very durable. 

Holy crackers. And it’s a breeze to clean.

100 gazillion million times better than disgusting old carpet. 


I thought since I had pictures of my floor and living room I would highlight a few decorations.
This door is one of my favorites. And yes I’m a crazy lady with an old door behind my couch. Just wait until you see my other couch on the other side. He he he…but right now…let me tell you about my fab door.


I found the door at the local land fill…seriously. Already painted "groovy" blue. I loved it at first sight…but it was SUPER heavy to haul!! LOL! 

I made my starburst mirror from a thrift store mirror and BBQ skewers. Frugal FAB!
Now…on to the other couch….


Oh goodness…an antique headboard! LOL!!!!! Hey it works…for me anyways!♥
And I should add that Jaxon approves of his new living room fabulosity too!


So once again….my super cool floor….


The moral of this blog post: never be afraid to try something. 

I had no clue if this would work…but considering the cost of new flooring…it was worth a try. The possibilities are just limitless with this.
If you haven’t already seen my crazy backsplash idea that worked too…click HERE! It’s my most famous post that gets the most traffic…TOO FUNNY!♥

Have a MARVELOUS weekend!!!♥

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affectioknit said...

That is nothing short of AWESOME! you did a marvelous job and it will be so much cleaner too...

Holly C. said...

Brilliant! LOVE!!!

Unknown said...

Wow! That turned out really pretty! Good Job!!

Lorena said...

You are so stinkin creative, people pay for this stuff (people like me) and you just put it all together yourself! Very nice, love it :)

Unknown said...

Beautiful you did a Great job!!

At The Picket Fence said...

Way, way better than ugly old carpet! This is so clever and bravo to you for taking on this project! You did a great job. Off topic, my best friend from high school named her son Jaxon..I have never seen it spelled that way until now. I thought it was so cool that was your little guy's name too! :)

Thank you for linking your project to Inspiration Friday! Hope to see you again soon with another great idea!

Heather@At The Picket Fence

Anonymous said...

What kind of paint did you use? And polyurethane

Unknown said...

Very interesting thanks. I believe there's even more that could be on there! keep it up enter website

Unknown said...

Images are amazing. Love the unique color of the flooring. Great design and how it were arranged. Looking forward for the next amazing stuff.

More power!
Magic Window Innovations

Unknown said...

It's been several years since you've made this post. I am very curious to know how the flooring has held up. Is there any fading, chipping or peeling of the paint? Is there something that you would have done differently? Thank you.