Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mad Scientist…..

Just 2 more days until Lorie's shower! And I can finally show her all the goodies I've been working on! Keeping all of these projects on the DL is soooooo hard!!! We never KEEP SECRETS. If we have a gift for each guaranteed there's no waiting until Birthdays or Christmas times to give it away! We can never wait! So this has really been killing me! Everything is decorated....and now we just have to pass the time until Saturday!!! In the mean time...this is how my table looked while I was working on the projects.

May 13 2010 226-1


May 13 2010 232-1


Talk about a MESS! I'm like a mad scientist!! I've always envied those who could work on an artistic endeavor and keep things neat and clean.

I spent all day today cleaning my much neglected house...whew...there's nothing as satisfying as a clean house...even if it only lasts a few minutes!!!

I can't wait to post all my pics of the projects as well! They turned out pretty sweet!

Happy Thursday!!

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