Monday, August 8, 2011

Dirt roads…cottontails…and cows

Hi lovelies! Hope you had a MARVELOUS weekend! Is it really Monday? Our weekend flew by in one BIG SWOOP!

It was great though! My brother is here from North Carolina on leave. He’s going {{for a THIRD time}} on tour to Afghanistan and is home one last time before he leaves. We’ve spent the past 5 years with him…in Iraq…Afghanistan…and Korea. Goodness! So when he’s here…we absorb every second!

I’ve spent a lot of time up and down this road in the past few days….

Hadley 181b
This is the dirt road…to my parents house. To the house we grew up on. I love that I grew up…down a dirt road.

It just makes my {{heart}} happy. I love being a dirt-road-country-girl.

Hadley 176 b

Texas sunsets…on the dirt road to my parents house…makes my {{heart}} happy.

Hadley 183b
During my journey the past year…learning how to be a single Mom…learning how to embrace who I am…and this point in my life….brought me full circle to this point. Back home. Down this dirt road.

Spending so much time going down this dirt road to spend time with my family this weekend made me realize that I’m so glad I’ve come full circle to this point. I love who I am…and that dirt road is a lot of who I am. I just absolutely love that.

People can imitate you…copy you…try to be you. But they will never be who you are…at your core…who you are in your inner most soul. We are a result of every little thing in our life…even a sweet little dirt road.♥

This dirt road has plenty of happy souls along it too…that make me smile even more!
Like sweet cottontail rabbits…. or “buuuhhnneeee radddddits” as Jaxon calls them….

Hadley 187 b
Hadley 190b
Hadley 190bb

And my most favorite of all…sweet black cowies….
Hadley 202b

We wave at ALL black cows for good luck. It’s a tradition. And I wave at these sweet peas all the time. I even get out and talk to them for a spell.

Hadley 207b

Cows make my {{heart}} super happy too!!

Hadley 211b

 And speaking of cows....
I'd like this bag for a camera bag PUH-leeeeeeze!
I'm totally SMITTEN!!!!

 image via: 1stdibs

Hope you are finding things on your journey this week that make your {{heart}} happy.
Have a BLESSED Monday!!!



"Mama Wild" said...

Where oh where can I get my hands on a bag like that??!
I NEED it!!

Love your blog lady x

Kat said...

That looks so lovely. You are lucky that your parents are nearby! It's funny how you get closer to them when you have children. Thank you for sharing the pictures :-)

Tiffany said...

Mama Wild-thank you BUNCHES!!! And if you click the image credit it will take you to the sale sight for that awesome bag!!

Kat-you are so precious!! I've been trying to comment on your blog but can't get it to go through!! Thanks for all your special comments my friend!!