Friday, August 5, 2011

Where did the week go???

Oh my word! August is here with a BANG! I looked down…and the next thing I knew…it was already FRIDAY! My goodness! It’s been B.U.S.Y.    and THEN SOME!

We’ve had photo shoots every night. Thank you Lord! But it’s busy…it makes for  a long night too. By the time we get bathed and ready for bed…it’s after 10pm. I hate that. Hate late nights. But photo shoots pay a lot of bills…so we will keep smiling with lot’s of grace and go to bed late.

Here’s a few shots from this week:

Mendoza Fam 295 logo

Rylan2 220 logo

We have another shoot tonight…and three more this weekend. WHEW!!!!

We had SO MUCH going on…that I didn’t have time to make my friendship bracelets for the big trade. Yep. I cheated. I bought some!!! That’s better than NOTHING! And they are WAY CUTE!!!

bracelets 009

And they are in the mail box…getting shipped out today to my sweet to creative friends! YAY!!!!


We also made a special craft this week…and it’s not finished yet…but it’s going to be SUPER CUTE!


Goodness gravy. Here’s to FRIDAY…and hoping we can SLOW DOWN a little next week!!! I’ll settle for a nap this weekend at least!!