Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Egg Carton Caterpillars!

Good gravy! Did I mention we’ve been busy lately enjoying our company??? We’ve been at the farm everyday for almost a week now….helping feed the horsies…and swimming like fishies…and all the other fun things to do at Granny and PaPaws house! Jaxon has loved every second of it! In between all the madness….we did a little craftie!!!
Now I know I told you about our salt dough fun….
salt dough 004bb
And we will most definitely share that craftie…
…sometime NEXT WEEK! I didn’t account for shrinkage with our shapes…so we are going to have to do a little modification for our project to be ready!
But it’s going to be CAAAUUUUTE so stay tuned!!
In the mean time…Jax and I had a LARGE time making Egg Carton Caterpillars!!
buggies 006b
To get started you will need….
buggies 003b
We used one large carton for 18 eggs and it made 4 caterpillars. You can use both Styrofoam and cardboard cartons for this project. We used googlie eyes, feathers, rhinestones and pipe cleaners for our decorations. You can use any extra fun decorations that you like!
I cut the shapes for Jaxon…and then he “went to town” painting them. We also used the top of the carton as a paint tray…use what you have!
pardue 470bb
pardue 472bb
It doesn’t take much convincing…to get this little artist to paint.
pardue 475bb
It was also his first time to use glue…all by himself. He glued the eyes and decorations to the caterpillars. He was thrilled!
pardue 486bb
He loved putting the eyes on so much…that he wanted to decorate the entire body with eyes! LOL!
pardue 488bb
pardue 489bb
Pretty stinkin’ sweet!!
pardue 490bb
We poked the pipe cleaners on top of the head for antennas!
buggies 008bb
Now if you look closely…you will see an oh so special little buggie…do you see it??
buggies 001bb
Jaxon decorated every part of this one…it’s my absolute favorite. It’s the first time he’s decorated an object…big toddler milestone…makes this art Mamma so happy!!
buggies 002bb
Cutest little caterpillar ever!!! I have it in my kitchen window…and it makes me smile every time I see it!!
buggies 003bb
This is of course an age-old craft for kiddos…but you can make is a special, unique project by letting your sweet peas decorate the caterpillars with all kinds of goodies! Then they are a ONE-OF-A-KIND creation!!!
Hope you all are having a FAB-DABULOUS week so far!!