Saturday, July 19, 2014

Running updates too!

I think the last time I was on a blogging roll I had mentioned I wanted to run a 5K and build up to half marathons. Since I've been gone, I've ran two 5K races! I am so hooked too. I love it.

I ran the Zombie 5K run with my son...

I recently ran another local July 4th 5K and my kiddos went along in their double jogging stroller. It was soooo fun and my kids loved it!

My next run will be a ColorVibe 5K in the Fall. And I cannot wait!!! I am hoping to push up to running a 10K in the next year. And then move to a half marathon.


Right now I'm participating in the #NOEXCUSES challenge and working to get in 75 miles in this month. I need just 12.5 miles to finish! It's soooo exciting!!


We start a new challenge in August...1500 minutes of workout time.

If you want to join click this link:
It's free to participate and the Facebook support group is amazing! I love my #NOEXCUSES family!! We post our daily workouts/rest days and it's just amazing to be supported and united by the same goals.

I still have a loooong way to go on my fitness journey but I'm working hard every day to make small steps and changes to get to where I want to be. Expect to see a lot of posts about my journey. ;)

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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