Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Classroom Decorations

Hello friends!
So the biggest change other than Hannah Grace, the newest and most beautiful addition to our family, is that I am teaching. I will still have plenty of kiddo crafties, but there will be lot's of teaching crafties and goodies too.

I'm currently trying to brainstorm how I will decorate my classroom this year. I teach 11th grade AP/Dual-Credit English.

For last year's decorations, I found this garland idea on Pinterest. You use fishing line with a needle...and thread pom poms and cut-up pieces of drinking straws. So stinkin' cute!
I just stapled them to my bulletin board.
In this picture: I added gift paper to the front of my desk, oil cloth to the top of my desk and fabric on top of my smaller desk.
I'll share more decorations from last year soon and keep you posted on new decorations for this year!
Have a wonderful day!

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