Friday, December 14, 2012

Big Bend National Park adventures…

A little while back I mentioned that my family and I went to Big Bend National Park. One of the MANY benefits of living where I do is all of the outdoor parks and places for hiking and adventures. We have actually been going to Big Bend National Park since we were little bitty. It’s a long-time family tradition.

I thought it was time to finally post a few pictures from our adventures.





Jaxon and his Uncle Josh skipping rocks on the Rio Grande river. What awesome memories. 121314

That is Mexico on the left side of the canyon….and the US on the right side.


I ALWAYS see HEART cactus on my hiking trips. Love them!♥1617

I have a thing for taking pictures of wildflowers. Love them!♥18


This boy absolutely LOVES hiking. 20

My brother and Dad decided it would awesome to climb this enormous rock. These pictures do not capture how BIG this rock is. I tried to climb it and freaked out. I’m a little too old and little to pleasantly plump to do such things. But don’t you know my Jax wasn’t afraid at all. Lol. 21222325



Jaxon loves when his Uncle Josh goes hiking with us. Josh is his hero!


It’s Friday and I’m itching do something “outdoorsy” this weekend. It’s the perfect time to stargaze, so if all else I’ll be sipping some hot chocolate taking in some moonbeams…but hopefully I’ll get a little hiking in too!

Hope you have an AWESOME FRIDAY!




Rebecca @ Time to Organize said...

I really want our family to make a trip to Big Bend. Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures.

affectioknit said...

That was an awesome trip!

~Have a lovely day!