Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I’m almost done with Summer school!

Oh my goodness. If you would have told me how chaotic and stressful my Summer would have been…I would have ran as far away as possible.

I had the genius idea to take Summer grad classes…and move 3 hours away from my home town in the middle of it all.

It was marvelous!! LOL!

This is my last week of Summer school. I survived!!! I take my final exam tomorrow. Fingers, ears and toes crossed for a  good grade!! Then I have a whole 2 weeks off! What the what?? 2 weeks of no reading, no homework, no grad school?

Ooohhhhh I’m delighted!!

I’m working this year on campus as a graduate assistant in the Language & Literature department which I’m super stoked about. But for 2 weeks…I’m not thinking about any of it! NADA!!

My creative project for this class was a short graphic story. The class is Graphic Novels so we have to create some sort of graphic/illustrated work. Can you guess who my subject was??

page1 text


Of course it was Jax!! Ha ha ha!


page11 text


These are just a few frames from the whole work. It was a really fun project!

Hope your week has been great so far!!



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Life Happens said...

Such cute pictures. Yay for completing your summer course! My husband finished his last week, what a relief!

Enjoy the rest of your summer.