Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Typewriter love...

The other day the girls from class and I were cracking up at how it felt to use the old, vintage typewriters back in the day. Remember....the hummmmmm....and your hands would vibrate and then the loud pounding of the keys. We were in tears we were laughing so hard.

This pictures makes me think of that moment. It also makes me think how great it would be to write at this desk. It's gorgeous!!!

Do you have any funny typewriter memories???

Happy Friday!!


Tina B said...

For the longest time, my parents refused to step into the 90s and get a computer. They had this old typewriter I had to do reports on. They got an electronic word processor eventually. I actually loved that thing! I could save my work and delete stuff. Everyone else had computers. I felt like such a dweeb!

Life Happens said...

Last year I had fill out a form for work on a Typewriter! (It was for a gov't contract). It took me 2 hrs because I would almost be done and then make a typo and would have to start over!!!

I'm happy to say the gov't has since made the form electronic!