Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy Friday!

It’s Friday! Whooohoooo!

Hope your day has been MARVELOSO!

Ours has been--Jax and I went junkin’ this morning to find vinyl records for a craftie project I am working on for a Senior photo shoot this weekend. Isn’t this hilarious?

I really just needed this….

She wanted Beatles inspired images so we shall see what I come up with! Of course they didn’t have any Beatles vinyl, but my alternative plan is going to be pretty cute. I’m pretty excited, it’s going to be SUPER fun!
I also found some CA-UTE goodies while junkin’. Today was a GOOD thriftin’ day!
Guess what this is?

I thought it was a blanket. I’m a SUCKER for knitted/crocheted blankets and throws at the thrift store. They make WONDERFUL backdrops for newborn and kiddo shoots. I also LOVED the POM-POMS!
It’s a SHAWL! Ha ha ha ha! It was taped in a bundle so I didn’t know it’s true form til we were home. I still love it. Who knows I might just wear it!
Scored some vintage Pyrex too. YES!

And speaking of SCORING!
The winner of my Olay giveaway is…….
#25 ----
Anash said...
Thanks for the chance to win!
email: anashct1 [at] yahoo [dot] com
Whoooohoooooooo! CONGRATS!!! I have another big giveaway coming up soon!
Hope you all have a SUPERB weekend!
Love, hugs & SHAG RUGS!

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