Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Inspiration…

I  hope this post finds you having a wonderful and blessed weekend. I’m getting ready for a super exciting senior photo session this evening and can’t wait to show you the results. Three words – STATE GOLF CHAMP! And she’s gorgeous to boot. It’s going to be so FUN!

I also finished my girly backdrop set for my upcoming Easter sessions. Folks…I lost every bit of fingerprints with this project from all the intensive hot gluing. LOL! I so love how it all turned out and cannot wait to use it!

Easter logo

And to add an even FUNNIER note. I went to Home Depot alone…to get my backdrop supplies. Let’s just say I have no problem HUMILIATING myself….all BY MYSELF! I wrestled an 8ft piece of wood paneling in the parking lot. And the panel WON! Ha ha ha ha! Thank goodness for angels who come along to help us in our moments of need. A very kind man came over and helped me wrangle the beast into my Yukon…not once…but twice. Because oh yes friends…the first time we got it in the car…I left my keys in the back of the cargo area of my Yukon. TAKE TWO---we take the panel out…and TRY AGAIN! He was so kind-hearted! Note to self: NO MORE trips to HOME DEPOT without asking for HELP! =)


I also wanted to share a little Sunday Inspiration with you as well. I don’t know if you listen to K-LOVE radio but I do and I adore it. I did the 30 Days Challenge in January and only listened to Christian music. Wow. What a wonderful difference it makes when you are driving to be surrounded with God's love. I’m hooked and have only been listening to Christian music now. My latest download this week was Dara Maclean’s album “You’ve Got My Attention.”

image via:

I loooooooooooooooooooove it!

I listen to it in the car and on the treadmill during my Mamma workout time. I’ve also been listening to only Christian music when I workout…and it’s like my meditation, spiritual and prayer time…and workout…all mixed in one! 

My favorite song right now is ….. SUITCASES

You can download the album or your favorite songs by going to iTunes HERE!

Have a BLESSED Sunday!